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If you are wondering if using absence management software will benefit your company, you may be surprised to learn that technology has moved on in leaps and bounds since the early days of time management systems.

The customer feedback we receive about our time management solutions has been overwhelmingly positive. After only a few days of using it, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Maintaining excellent absence management can not only help your HR team to manage your staff more efficiently, but it will help improve staff productivity and streamline your HR processes.

Your staff will also directly benefit from our all-inclusive system because it keeps them informed and in the loop about their attendance record. Bodet’s Employee Self-Service Software Module enables them to access these functions directly on a Kelio Visio terminal screen, on a PC, and even on a smartphone if utilising our cloud system.

Staff inclusivity and engagement is an important factor in retaining valuable employees and reducing the costs of hiring and training new staff. Operating a modern and responsive absence management software system has been shown to improve staff retention levels.

Bodet's cutting-edge time management solutions will help your company to:

  • Manage your workforce efficiently, increase productivity and reduce HR administration with our Time and Attendance software solution.
  • Record clocking in data and provide self-service functionality through a range of clocking in methods using our bespoke Clocking In Systems.
  • Control and protect the access to your premises using badge or biometric security solutions with our Access Control solutions.

Here are more reasons why your company will benefit from absence management solutions from Bodet.

Streamline your HR procedures

By using our absence management software, your HR team can better manage a whole host of everyday tasks and processes.

Our software solution will allow your HR team to automate staff requests to book holidays and other absences. In many organisations, it can be quite a lengthy process for any member of staff to request days off for holidays or to book time off to attend the dentist or the doctors etc.


Absence Management streamline HR procedures


In most cases, requests for absence can involve emailing their manager to request time off. Then their manager will read and respond to the email, but this may not be immediately.

The manager will then contact HR to record the dates and then will have to wait for a response and confirmation from HR before they can confirm with their team member that their request has been granted. It can be very easy for an email or communication to be missed or lost in long email chains.

For your HR team, it can take a while to cross-reference the requested dates with their calendar, database, spreadsheets etc. They will also need to check on each individual employee’s remaining holiday entitlement and make sure that their absence won't impact on their team in any way.

By using our absence management software solution, you can replace an old-fashioned, inefficient and unreliable process with a modern, inclusive, streamlined solution.

And don't forget that what is good for your HR team is also good for the rest of your staff. If you make it easy for staff to book time off, they will more likely take the time off they need, when they need it.

How our absence management software works

Instead of getting involved in a lengthy email chain of communications, your staff can directly submit a request for absence directly to HR on your internal intranet.

Don't worry, your HR team will still remain in control of granting authorisation for any requests of absence. Our in-built self-service options for your staff simply speed up the time it takes to request an absence and it will avoid the need to use paper holiday request forms, which is an ideal solution if you aim to run a paper-free office.

Your staff can access their absence record and can see at a glance how much holiday entitlement they have left. This will help your HR team avoid becoming overwhelmed with wading through and responding to endless emails from employees asking how much holiday time they have left to take.

Our absence management software solution will also assist your HR team through automated alerts. For example, if there’s an expected staff absence, it will trigger an automated message being sent to the missing staff member automatically. When it comes to booking leave, managers receive alerts about all pending leave requests, and the relevant employee is automatically informed when it’s been accepted or denied.

What could have taken your HR team hours of work to perform can now be done quickly and easily in a couple of minutes. Your staff will also be happier because they will feel more informed and engaged with the system, and will be able to get all the answers they need in next to no time at all.


Absence Management happy staff


Protecting your business

There is no denying that any unplanned staff absence presents a challenge for businesses. However, it can be worse for smaller companies because it makes the day to day running and efficiencies much harder.

When you operate with a small team, you rely and depend on each other much more than in a larger company that can better absorb a small level of staff absenteeism. This is because in a small team each employee will have a large number or responsibilities that other staff members may not be familiar with.

It only takes a couple of days of unplanned staff absence for your productivity and efficiency levels to drop, which can take a week or more to recover from. Sometimes it is impossible for other members of staff to pick up the slack, so not only will productivity suffer, but staff stress levels will also rise.

By keeping on top of your staff absenteeism within your company by using an effective absence management software solution, you will be better prepared for every eventuality.

You can help to safeguard your business by keeping up with staff holiday entitlement and records. You will be able to ensure that staff take the holidays they are entitled to and avoid overwork and rising stress levels.

By encouraging your staff to use absence management through the self-service employee option, you can make sure that your team remain as productive as possible, even when you are not running at full capacity.

Could your organisation improve its performance by using absence management software as part of a Time & Attendance System? Do you want to be able to automate the leave booking process, and differentiate between different absence types? We can help.

Speak to our experts now to see what you could achieve with absence management

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