Simplify the management of your employees from A to Z!

Streamline your HR Management and Access Control processes

A comprehensive Workforce Management solution specialising in HRIS, Time and Attendance and Access Control.
Kelio is part of the Bodet Group and a sister company to Bodet Time Ltd founded in 1990.

Kelio - Simplify the management of your employees from A to Z!
Why choose Kelio ?

Why choose Kelio ?

Kelio - A centralised HR management software

Centralised HR management software

An employee management solution that is truly centralised! It eliminates the need to re-enter information so removing any risk of error! The customised access rights feature allows you to manage your employees’ professional and personal data securely and assign your HR processes to specific managers or employees.

Kelio - World-class service

World-class service

Kelio has the experience and expertise to deliver all our services from the deployment stage right through to post-installation support. We can monitor your projects very closely and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and services.

Kelio - A wide range of hardware

A wide range of hardware

We design and manufacture a complete range of clocking terminals and access readers. Kelio hardware and software offers optimal compatibility, and we ensure they evolve together. We are dedicated to providing innovative applications that will make working life both simpler and more secure for your employees.

We have 35,000 clients who manage their activity efficiently, and you can be one too!

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How to monitor your employees’ Time & Attendance

How to monitor your employees’ Time & Attendance.

It’s so easy to manage a wide range of attendance issues including monitoring flexible schedules, overtime, part time hours, and more with Kelio Time and Attendance management software! Whether your employees are working on-site or off-site, they can clock in and out on our clocking terminals or declare their schedules via the Kelio Time and Attendance management software. Our software makes it a breeze to manage leave and absences and create team schedules!


Why implement an HRIS solution?

Why implement an HRIS solution?

With the precious time you can free up with Kelio HR software, you can centralise all your HR data, as well as monitor and manage medical appointments, certifications, Onboarding processes, and more. Digitalising your administrative management processes means your data will be more reliable, allowing you to focus on your core business.


How can I keep my building access, employees and property secure?

How can I keep my building access, employees and property secure?

Access security access is important in protecting both your employees and property. You can decide who is able to enter your premises within specific time windows, who can enter particular areas, as well as scrutinise people’s movements, and track everyone on site. Kelio software puts you in complete control!


Would you like to find out more about Kelio’s range of HR solutions?

Our Kelio experts are on hand to discuss your HR management, Time and Attendance management and Access Control needs. Find out how our solutions can help you manage your business’ day-to-day operations, with a free, no-obligation demonstration!


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