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Time and Attendance Systems for Logistics

The logistics and transport sectors face many HR challenges, including long working hours, complex shift patterns, the necessity for skills and development and stringent regulations.

Kelio’s comprehensive Workforce Management Solution makes it easy to manage permanent and temporary employee’s personal data, working time, professional accreditations, onboarding, cross-boarding and offboarding processes whether based on-site or on the road.


HR software for transport and logistics organisations

The growth of International commerce and dramatic expansion of online business has seen the transport and logistics sector take on an even more important role globally. Kelio's HRIS solution provides a highly efficient way to streamline human resources management for the logistics industry.

  • Effectively organise activities over multiple sites
  • Manage mobile and itinerant employees efficiently
  • Ensure that schedules are optimised and take account of driving, activity and rest time limitations
  • Handle 24/7 scheduling
  • Monitor your employees’ accreditations
digitised management of remote employees

Centralised and digitised management of remote employees

Would you like to streamline and centralise the HR process for drivers, dockworkers and itinerant employees? The Kelio HRIS solution offers a range of customisable modules to simplify the management of your teams whether working on-site or remotely.

  • Ensure that all employee files incorporate personal and professional data and current authorisation/accreditation details
  • Monitor and generate alerts for medical appointments and authorisation renewals
  • Supervise accreditations to ensure they are up to date and fully meet the requirements of your employees' activities, including driving, safety, electrical, first-aid
  • Publish and electronically sign employment contracts, certificates and other key HR documents
  • Effectively manage onboarding and offboarding processes
  • Generate custom alerts to ensure sickness returns and professional interviews are completed on time
Produce perfect plans for your business

Produce perfect plans for your business

Unexpected situations and events can disrupt the best of plans, upsetting the reliability of schedules and disrupting supply deadlines. Kelio HRIS software allows real time monitoring and management to maximise efficiency for logistics companies.

  • Modify schedules that reflect the roles and skills of your employees, whether on site or out on the road.
  • Allow rapid response to unexpected occurrences or changes in activity
  • Generate accurate schedules automatically that conform to and incorporate the necessary restrictions and work processes (rest periods, compulsory breaks, etc.)
  • Automatically generate alerts to legal and regulatory controls
  • Allow accurate real-time monitoring of attendance for warehouse-based staff with Kelio biometric or proximity time clocks
  • Clocking in via a smartphone or web-enabled tablet for drivers and itinerant employees
improve company productivity by effective management of working time

Kelio HRIS package can dramatically improve company productivity by effective management of working time

Having staff working remotely can make it problematic to keep track of your employees' working hours. Kelio’s Time and Attendance management solution allows staff to clock in wherever they are working.

  • Designed to accommodate multi-site and multi-convention operations
  • Staff working off-site and drivers on the road can clock in activity times using a smartphone
  • Employees can access their personal HR space via smartphone and make holiday or absence requests electronically
  • Easily incorporates temporary staff (forklift drivers, dock workers, order pickers, etc.)
  • Report specific activities, such as loading/unloading, resting times via badging or declaration
Secure people management for your logistics company?

Secure people management for your logistics company?

Substantial stock levels and high personnel traffic flows (employees, visitors, temporary workers, drivers in transit) mean it’s critical to ensure the security of your buildings at all times to protect goods in store, especially in high value areas. Maximise security throughout your company with Kelio's Access Control solutions.

  • Allocate individual access rights according to zones and times of day
  • Identify and monitor access points
  • Manage the movement of staff, drivers and visitors to prevent theft and malevolent acts
  • Invest in CCTV surveillance equipment to protect your depots
  • Manage access by installing Kelio's stand-alone multilingual reception points and monitor vehicle access with ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition
  • Provide an accurate real-time record of the personnel present in the event of an emergency or fire drill

Kelio’s HRIS solution adapts to your logistics business and helps you improve efficiency and profitability.



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We have been using Kelio’s Timebox System for over 10 years now. It is an easy to use Time Recording Solution. It’s very easy to tailor the reports to your needs.

Sarah Lovelady
FedEx UK

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