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Time and Attendance Systems for Manufacturing

Manufacturing companies rely on the productivity and organisation of the workforce to drive revenues and keep everything flowing smoothly.

Kelio’s Workforce Management Software simplifies and streamlines the management of all aspects of human resources, including time and attendance, and workforce scheduling. It offers more efficient interactions with employees while freeing HR professionals to perform more strategic and high-value work.


HR software for the industrial sector

In manufacturing organisations, the HR function is often involved with payroll, administrative duties, as well as liaison between management and production staff. Employees are the greatest resource for a manufacturing enterprise. The HR department is responsible for recruitment, training, evaluation, and ensuring sustained productivity, including:

  • Team management and optimise staff planning
  • Anticipation of activity variances and manage unexpected situations
  • Streamlining management of payroll and ensuring regulatory compliance
Customise your industrial planning

Customise your industrial planning with Kelio HR management software

HR’s role in manufacturing involves both managing daily staff levels and skills to maximise productivity, and planning for future events to ensure the continuity of productions lines so targets are met. Kelio’s time management solutions have a range of practical benefits:

  • Generate manning levels and schedules based on required output levels and operational fluctuations
  • Create a range of planning models to meet future situations
  • Ensure schedules and plans optimise workforce skills and embrace activity constraints
  • Anticipate fluctuations in activity using streamlined integration and planning solutions for temporary and agency workers
  • Optimise attendance schedules across all working time activities (night, weekend, shifts, etc.)
  • Can include job tracking to monitor track costs for specific projects
  • Monitor absences and manage annual leave
  • Configure Kelio software to account for collective agreements and personalised time calculations
Organise production teams

Organise production teams and monitor results in real time

HR administrative tasks and processing paper requests is very time consuming and at times can be overwhelming for HR managers. The Kelio HRIS package provides you with effective time and activity management tools so you can automate and simplify many procedures.

  • A range of intuitive clocking in systems suitable for different environments
  • Working time can be tracked by task, activity or specific projects
  • When preparing schedules you can view forecast results (times and totals)
  • Establish job descriptions and associated skill types and abilities required
  • Automated alerts for medical appointment renewals, skill authorisations and renewals and tasks due to be undertaken, such as onboarding and offboarding
  • Provides a real-time overview of attendance with automated alerts for lateness or absences
  • Employees are able to review their own HR data securely without a PC
Site security and access control

Site security and access control

Many industrial units rely on temporary workers to cope with changing production demands. This can compromise the security of the site and safety of employees. Kelio's integrated access control solutions ensure the security of your staff and your assets.

  • By linking access control to your time and attendance management system, you can restrict employees’ access according to their working hours
  • Access badges, codes and biometric readers can be deactivated remotely
  • Real-time access monitoring and visitor management maximises production line security
  • Real time reports of persons on-site and by zone provide an accurate count of staff for fire drills or in emergency situations
Dependable, automated payroll software

Dependable, automated payroll software customised to industrial manufacturing

Kelio’s workforce management solutions simplify payroll management and allow automatic calculation of variable pay elements and production of pay slips.

  • Reliable collection of variable pay elements such as overtime, bonuses, absences, and night shifts, etc.
  • Exporting variable elements directly to payroll eliminates the need for data re-entry and potential errors. Kelio is designed to interface with over 160 payroll software packages
  • Ensures payroll documents are fully compliant with employment legislation
  • All documents are securely archived

Kelio HRIS software tailors to your specific business needs so you can become even more competitive.


Hear from our customers

Glazing Vision

Glazing Vision

Now we have a fully operational, automated time and attendance system, it has positively changed the company culture and everybody wins…The increase in productivity we have gained means the system will pay for itself many times over and help ensure Glazing Vision remains a world class leader in our field.

Mick Placzek
HR Manager



Automating time and attendance has been a great success. No more manual time sheets which saves time and ensures the data is accurate…The Kelio Visio X7 system has been well received by all the staff, saving time and providing valuable management information to help us improve efficiency and grow the business.

Marlini Finney
Finance Director



Attendance reports are generated automatically in real time, so we can see immediately if there are any absences. We can then arrange additional cover to ensure effective manning levels are maintained and production targets are met.

Kelly Matthews
HR Assistant

Customer References

Metrode Welding Consumables - Time and Attendance
Peugeot - Time and Attendance
GlaxoSmithKline GSK - Time and Attendance
Container components - Time and Attendance

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