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Optimise your staff planning management

Schedule management and planning HR software complying with legal limitations

For organisations faced with the need to manage irregular activity patterns, human resources planning and organising work schedules are strategic issues in order to optimise available human resources whilst ensuring adherence to workplace legislation.


What is planning management?

Human Resources planning management or staff scheduling for any organisation involves:

  • Allocating tasks and defining schedules
  • Optimising the staff available for each role, based on individual skills and availability
  • Organising schedule planning between shifts
  • Establishing contingencies and alternative activity to avoid under- or over-staffing

At the same time considering:

  • Targets - production or service
  • Working time legislation (rest times, days worked, etc.)
  • Fairness of treatment for employees in the workplace
  • Individual expectations for an improved work-life balance

Planning schedules is crucial to ensure efficient, continuous service in organisations where staff coordination is essential:

  • medical centres, hospitals, clinics, biomedical laboratories, healthcare centres, nursing homes
  • hotels, restaurants
  • cleaning companies
  • call centres, service centres
  • transport companies
  • retail shops employing salespeople and cashiers
  • factories providing continuous production

Whilst many use Excel© for staff management, it can result in a number of pitfalls resulting in wasted time and increased risk of errors:

  • uplication of schedules between teams
  • Repetition and manually entered updates
  • Lack of integration of production targets, leave and absences, scheduling requirements, etc.


Staff planning software

Kelio's HR software ensures efficient human resources scheduling

Kelio Planning software is a comprehensive management tool that allows you to organise employee schedules, absences and activities easily and effectively. It ensures effective management of staffing levels, available skills and planned workloads while observing workplace legislation (rest times, maximum working times, etc.).

The intuitive, advanced functionality of Kelio Planning software makes it easy to optimise the management of your work organisation:

  • Highly-customisable display screen
  • Manage staff schedules, schedule leave and absences
  • Send Alerts warning non-compliance with legal and working time requirements
  • Automatically prepare schedules integrating multiple conditions
  • Manage staff loans, replacements and temporary personnel
  • Monitor availability of resources to ensure fluctuations in activity are met together with highlighting under- and over-staffing
  • Circulate schedules via e-mail, text message, print-out or posting in the employee’s personal area.

Visual and ergonomic management of staff planning

Create an accurate representation of your work organisation by producing schedules that are easy to customise by users. Kelio Planning offers multiple options and display settings:

Planning management - Daily schedule
  • Easy to use and customisable workspace offering a wide choice of colours and icons
  • Ergonomic functionality allows copy and paste, grouped actions, planning templates to be utilised, etc.
  • Web-based module means quicker display and greater user comfort
  • Timescales are fully adjustable so you can display the team schedules by year, month, week, day, hour
  • Bespoke filtering of employee groups to be displayed on the staff schedule
  • Flexibility in displaying work-group posts – by row, column or folder – to represent each specific work organisation
  • Highlighting of under- and over-staffing of the team schedules
  • Tailored reports and dashboards

Planning management complying with legal and contractual requirements

Kelio Planning distributes alerts that flag any non-compliance with legal requirements to safeguard your team scheduling including any contravention of:

  • Maximum working time (daily or weekly)
  • Average weekly working time over specified weeks
  • Minimum rest time between two working days

You can also create alerts linked to your own internal regulations with Kelio Planning. You can establish controls for:

  • Overtime, night hours, etc.
  • Total annualised hours
  • Remaining leave allowance, reduced working time (RTT), etc.

These alerts can be created as blocks or just for information.

Schedule planning that is shared and updated in real time!

Shared and updated real-time schedule planning

All your organisation’s schedules can be integrated into a single database with Kelio staff planning software.

This allows team scheduling reports to be:

  • Accessed and shared centrally by the HR department, managers and employees
  • updated in real time, integrating employee absences and leave
  • simplified - loaning and sharing of personnel is made easy and the workload is spread across all employees and temporary personnel

Sharing Kelio scheduling workforce management offers a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of your whole work organisation whereas personnel management conducted on individual Excel© spreadsheets in each department duplicates the work and limits co-ordination between departments.

Centralise all your information on Kelio personnel HR management software including leave, hours breakdown and fair work distribution

The Kelio Planning module incorporates the power of the Time & Attendance management calculator as standard. This provides managers with real-time monitoring of all the accounts within their organisation. This means that from their planning module, they can view:

  • Individual and collective schedules
  • Alerts and anomalies to ensure fair work distribution among employees
  • The impact of employee absences and leave on how each workstation’s requirements are covered (leave and absence can be managed via Microsoft Outlook©)
  • Any variances between completed and planned work hours
optimise the allocation of human resources

Easily identify and manage any under-staffing and over-staffing

As Kelio Planning makes it easier to handle under-staffing and over-staffing situations, you can then optimise the allocation of human resources to fulfil the planned workload:

For under-staffing:

  • Search for available internal resources and required skills
  • Request temporary resources directly from Kelio Planning, using a form forwarded to the HR Department or to temping agencies
  • Utilisation of temporary employees

For over-staffing:

  • Make staff available to assist other departments within the organisation
  • Allocate staff rest time
staff schedules

Prepare staff schedules easily

Kelio Planning makes it easy to:

  • Replicate standard daily, weekly or monthly schedules
  • Automatically calculate resource requirements in line with activity variables (production quantities, the previous year's targets, number of orders for shipment, etc.) These can be integrated within the software or imported from external databases
  • Create several different preliminary schedules which have no actual impact on employees, before selecting the ultimate version
  • Generate automatic planning suggestions. The software assigns available employees to workstations to ensure requirements are addressed. It takes into account the priority, legal obligations and constraints defined for the workstations (e.g., requisite skills, priority employees, unauthorised employees). Planning suggestions can be adjusted before being actually applied.


Optimised planning bound by constraints

To optimise planning requirements specific to certain industries (retail, call centres, catering) Kelio has formed a partnership with Holy-Dis, a French software publisher specialising in workforce management solutions. This partnership offers an effective solution using a transparent, native interface between the Kelio planning software and Planexa® or Timesquare®.

Planning optimisation using Planexa®:

  • Management of activity data
  • Creates schedules suited to frequency or activity
  • Compliance with legal requirements

Simplified clocking-in/out using the Kelio terminals:

  • Accurate collection of working times using biometric or proximity clocking terminal
  • Manage breaks with conditional duration
  • View real-time personal results (working hours balance, absences balance, etc.)


Kelio - Human Resource Planning

Why Kelio is the best solution for my planning management?

  • Web-based solution
  • Customisable activity planning levels: tasks / cost centres / projects
  • Wide range of planning of schedules (absences, work posts, activities, projects, etc.)
  • Provides real-time alerts for any non-compliance
  • Highly customisable reports and printouts
  • Staff loans, replacements and existing resources made available
  • Viewing by the day, half-day, one-third day, hour-to-hour
  • Planning schedules easily circulated: print, email, text message

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