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Remote workforce management

Manage remote and hybrid working in your organisation easily. Effectively manage your employees’ working times, maintain staff visibility and ensure compliance with all legal and contractual requirements, even when they are working remotely

Simplify and streamline remote work planning with Kelio Workforce Management Solutions. Whether staff are working on site, off-site on field visits or working at home, you have full visibility and can track their working time making it easy to check their working quotas. Using web-enabled devices, Kelio software allows employees and managers to access all workforce functions from any location at any time.


Simple remote working time monitoring

Simple remote working time monitoring

The Time and Attendance software developed by Kelio provides a very easy and effective way to monitor the working time of those employees who are working remotely and off-site and incorporates:

  • Clocking on via web-enabled devices - PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  • Declaration of attendance
  • Fixed daily rates automatically incorporated
  • Bonus tracking.

The actual time each remote employee is working can be accurately accessed in real time. The Kelio software allows you to automatically record:

  • Total working time
  • Time allocated to each activity
  • Time worked remotely as days or half-days

You can also retrieve a summary of remote working time for all employees. The data can then be amalgamated in different ways so you can review the working time in hours or days for each department or the whole organisation

What about bonuses? Whether it’s meal vouchers for remote workers or different pay rates for on-site working, the Kelio software eliminates time consuming of calculating location-dependent bonuses. It’s so easy as it’s all done automatically.

Protect your company by safeguarding conformity with remote working requirements

The legal requirements for remote working may vary depending on the legislation in force in your country and remote working may follow specific regulations such as:

  • Employment legislation
  • Mutual agreements
  • Specific provisions for remote working or your company’s articles of incorporation
  • Traditional informal practices and customs particular to each organisation (fixed meeting days, internal organisation, etc.).

The dynamics of remote working may fluctuate depending on a wide range of issues including those that influence authorised quotas, the number of days required, which employees are involved, etc. Taking all these factors into account can be very time consuming and highly stressful.

One of the added values of Kelio software is that it helps you monitor these various factors for each employee, allowing you to ensure compliance with all the working agreements established for your company:

  • How many and which employees are authorised to work remotely
  • The number of remote working days that are permitted or authorised
  • Each employee’s quota for remote working for each specific period (week, month, year)
  • The advance period required for submission of remote working requests
  • Timely validation by managers
  • Any exceptional factors that affect remote working: strikes, emergencies, etc.?

With Kelio software, automatic alerts and quota tracking allow you to monitor all these parameters which can be specifically configured for each employee. It provides you with an ideal framework for remote working at all hierarchical levels whilst protecting your organisation from contravening employment legislation.

Ensure all your remote working plans are fully up to date

Ensure all your remote working plans are fully up to date

To maximise productivity, it’s important that you always have a clear overview of your organisation’s staffing situation. For example, who is working on site, who are remotely working, and is the data accessible in real time!

Do you want to streamline your staff management planning? With Kelio software, all remote working requests, request validation and real-time planning updates are managed automatically.

Authorised managers are able to visually distinguish between employees working on site and those who are working remotely, as well as which staff are absent.

A wide range of useful practical features are provided by Kelio software that make it much easier to organise daily staff planning:

  • A specific symbol for “remote working” is displayed in each employee’s calendar and in collective planning reports
  • Employees who regularly work remotely can be managed using remote working cycles
  • Remote working can be organised on a daily or half-daily basis
  • All remote working plans can be synchronised with a range of messaging calendars (Outlook , Google Calendar, Lotus Notes )

Kelio software provides you with a centralised, real-time overview of your staff organisation that is always up-to date!


Streamlined management of daily remote working

Kelio software makes it easier to manage staff organisation whilst maintaining full control of remote working.

Remote working requests are digitised and centralised. Should an unforeseen event or emergency arise, employees can request remote working in just a few clicks. The line manager receives a notification in their HR workspace and if the request is in accordance with authorised factors (advance notice, authorised number of days, etc.) he/she can validate it from their PC, tablet or smartphone.

Effective remote working management is a collaborative effort. Employees and managers each work independently within the system, respecting the constraints of the approved regulations and remote working agreements.

Streamlined management of daily remote working

One of the major benefits Kelio software provides is its excellent flexibility:

  • The system can assign each remote working employee according to specific customised work categories (e.g. regular, occasional, emergency or other remote working). It will then account for the hours worked with respect to the different situations
  • Just one click allows changes to be made to regular remote working days to accommodate exceptional circumstances
  • The processes for validating remote working requests can be customised to suit your organisation
  • As in all businesses there are often last-minute changes. An employee can work on site in the morning but then remotely in the afternoon. Hybrid workers may need to change their schedules to meet unusual business demands. In such situations, Kelio still accurately tracks their time clocking, irrespective whether it’s via a terminal on site, virtually using a smartphone or PC or declared attendance.

Kelio means you can provide your managers and employees with a framework for remote working practices yet incorporate a high degree of flexibility to meet all situations.


Easily export your remote working-related data

No problem if you want to export your remote working-related data

With Kelio it’s easy to measure activity time and track remote working time of your employees’ times remotely.

A range of analysis reports can be easily exported from Kelio such as:

  • Total remote or on-site working hours and days for each employee,
  • The total remote or on-site working hours and days according to each department
  • Undertaking comparisons of working on site and remotely, between specific periods (month, season, year, etc.).
Plus Kelio

Why Kelio is the ideal solution for my remote working management?

  • It provides a comprehensive overview of employees working remotely, with real-time updates
  • Remote working and activity times for remote workers can be tracked easily
  • All remote working requests are digitised and centralised
  • Alerts are created should any risks to the organisation’s compliance arise
  • A range of time tracking techniques reports are incorporated (physical clocking terminals, virtual clocking terminals on PC or smartphone, declarations, etc.) to give maximum flexibility
  • It synchronises with messaging calendars (Outlook , Google Calendar, Lotus Notes).

Hear from our customers

Celtic Surveys

Celtic Surveys

Each technician clocks in at the start and end of their working day using their web-enabled smartphone…The Kelio system saves time for all departments as it is very straightforward and easy to use…I really didn’t think that a system like this which provided the flexibility and personalisation we needed at a reasonable cost was available…I just wish we had this system years ago!

Chloe Abrahams
Financial Director

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