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Time and Attendance Systems for Healthcare

The healthcare industry’s challenges for HR professionals embrace a complex blend of talent management, regulatory compliance, and employee well-being.

Kelio’s Workforce Management Solution makes it easier to manage contracted and temporary medical and support staff’s effectively ensuring a continuous and uninterrupted healthcare service for all patients.


Human Resources management software for hospitals and healthcare establishments

Effective management of HR functions is especially challenging for the healthcare sector. The complexities faced by the healthcare industry, including 24/7 operational activities, diverse working hours, and specific working regulations) mean that it’s vital to have a strong HR team together with effective supportive tools to help navigate the various issues and streamline processes thereby improving efficiency and saving time and money.

Kelio is a very effective management system that meets the needs of the Healthcare sector with its customisable working time management and HRIS solutions.

  • Manage contracted medical teams and organise temporary employees to meet all staffing needs
  • Generate comprehensive working schedules that incorporate rest periods and ensure service continuity
  • Easy to use, all-encompassing HR tools for effective administration of all healthcare activities
optimising staff management

Ensure highest-quality patient care by optimising staff management

The biggest challenge for any organisation that operates 24/7 is organising the staff to guarantee continuous and uninterrupted service. Fortunately, Kelio's scheduling management solution comes to the rescue as it is designed to streamline HR tasks.

  • Organise the detailed scheduled working hours of all employees incorporating all staffing requirements, such as night shifts, weekends, fixed or variable safety breaks, or emergencies, etc.) and ensure full coverage at all times
  • Ensure fair distribution of staff to cover all shifts, on-call duties, public holidays, etc.
  • Take the hassle out of creating schedules. Kelio’s software automatically generates schedules that allow for variations in activity requirements and staffing limitations
  • Provides 24-hour rota planning and handles cyclical scheduling
  • Enables staff mobility and incorporates handover time allowance between shifts
  • Ensure the staffing needs of each department are fully covered by effective skills-based resource management
Managing administrative tasks

Managing administrative tasks of medical and non-medical staff

Would you like to simplify and streamline your HR administration? Kelio's HRIS software offers an intuitive solution for effective administration for all hospitals and healthcare organisations.

  • Highest security for employees' personal and professional data, and all confidential documents
  • Working hours allocation is automated and ensures variable pay elements are included
  • Generates alerts for employee’s medical check-ups, professional authorisations, training and essential tasks
  • Kelio Visio touch terminals provide an integral personal area that allows direct interaction between healthcare and management staff
  • Employees can request leave or declare absences using the HR portal, which is accessible using a PC, smartphone or Kelio Visio terminal
Ensure personal safety for staff and control access

Ensure personal safety for staff and control access to sensitive areas

In healthcare establishments sensitive documents and hazardous products are handled on a daily basis. It’s therefore important to strictly control access to premises and specified areas.

Protect your staff and your premises with Kelio’s Access Control solutions.

  • Ensure freedom of access to buildings while safeguarding the security of sensitive areas of your premises
  • Authorised access rights for staff dependent on zones and times of day
  • Identify authorised staff using personal badge, pin number or biometric readers
  • Control entrances and exits to specific areas
  • Identify all staff on site in the event of an emergency of fire drill

HRIS software is tailored to the needs of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors to simplify activity planning and management


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