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Time and Attendance Systems for Leisure and Hospitality

Specific Attendance Solutions for leisure and hospitality

The Leisure and Hospitality industry relies heavily on temporary and agency temp workers and is renowned for high staff turnover. It’s therefore imperative that workforce management has the flexibility to optimise staffing levels and ensure excellent service levels.

Kelio’s HRIS package provides you with effective HR tools so you can ensure you always have the optimal workforce to provide the service your customers demand


Benefits of specific Time and Attendance Solutions for your Leisure and Hospitality environment

Hotels and restaurants typically have a large number of employees working across different areas of the business, with multiple factors causing fluctuating staff requirements. This means that efficient workforce planning to lower costs and reduce administration can be incredibly challenging.

We have designed specific Leisure and Hospitality Time and Attendance Solutions which offer:

  • Planning for events and seasonal requirements in hotels and restaurants.
  • Cost centre management.
  • Time and Attendance reporting by department.
  • Split shift schedules.
  • Payroll functionality for HR and Payroll.
  • Multi-site management.
  • Range of clocking in options including smart terminals, facial recognition and smartphone.
Staff planning and workforce visibility

Staff planning and workforce visibility

Staff planning within the hospitality sector can be incredibly difficult since workforce requirements are dictated by business levels affected by seasonal variances and events. You need the ability to create work schedules which fulfil staff requirements for each department, and know that these are met on the day.

Kelio’s Staff Planning software enables you to create schedules which optimise your workforce levels whilst taking into account absences, and scheduling requirements such as split shifts. Providing real-time attendance data, Kelio’s Time & Attendance System will generate alerts for anomalies such as absences and lateness if staffing levels do not match those planned. These can be sent to specified recipients, enabling them to immediately rectify the situation before it affects business performance.

Reduce costs and administration

Reduce costs and administration

Since hotels and restaurants often have a large number of staff working across different shift patterns, analysing time and attendance data to increase cost-efficiency can be time consuming. Even simple processes such as calculating hours worked for payroll and managing leave can tie up administrative resources and generate paperwork.

Kelio’s Time & Attendance System enables you to produce attendance reports for each department. Cost centre management can be achieved through the ability to track staff hours spent in roles such as housekeeping. Kelio will also save you time by producing an accurate export of working hours for your payroll system, and automating the holiday booking process from requests through to authorisation.

Customisable and modular solutions

Customisable and modular solutions

Your Time & Attendance System has to suit the needs of your leisure and hospitality business and its workforce, both in terms of how you record attendance and how you access software. Kelio’s Time & Attendance Systems offer a range of clocking in methods, including wall-mounted smart clocking in terminals, facial recognition and smartphone clocking in. Attendance collecting methods can be combined, with data being sent to a central database, and additional clocking in points can be added later.

Kelio offer both on-premise and cloud Time & Attendance Systems. This means we have a solution whether you integrate it into an existing IT system, or you have a cloud infrastructure to avoid the ongoing costs and risks associated with hosting software. The software itself is modular, so you only need to purchase what your business requires now, and expand it both in terms of users and functionality later.


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