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Kelio is a leading provider of an all-in-one HR Management, Time and Attendance and Access Control solution in the UK.

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Leading the way in workforce management solutions, with over 35 years of experience and expertise, Kelio UK specialises in:

  • Workforce management solutions: Centralised data for managing HR and Time and Attendance, simplifying workforce management with all of the data in one place to support internal processes, such as clocking in, payroll, remote working, absence management and onboarding.
  • Access Control solutions: Ensuring security for staff and premises with an Access Control system, enabling control, organisation and security for businesses by incorporating badges, access rights and supervision of the flow of people.

Used by thousands of companies across the UK, our solutions serve across all sectors, including: manufacturing, logistics, public service, leisure and hospitality, healthcare, retail, care homes and construction.

Kelio UK is a subsidiary of the Bodet Group, originating in France. We provide bespoke software options for any sized company, tailored to your specific needs. Speak to one of our friendly sales team to see how we can support your business!

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Kelio, 35,000 clients

subsidiaries in Europe

Kelio, €50.2 m in revenue

£116 million
in revenue in 2023

A subsidiary of the international Bodet group

A subsidiary of the international Bodet group

The Bodet Group is organised around 4 activities:

  • Kelio: for over 35 years, the European leader in Human Resources management software (HRIS), Time Management, Payroll Management and Access Control software. Software and hardware are designed, tested and manufactured in France and Europe.
  • Bodet Time: this subsidiary designs analogue and digital clocks and station clocks. It specializes in time servers. Bodet Time equips many schools, stations, airports and hospitals.
  • Bodet Sport: the specialist in sports scoreboards, video scoreboards and swimming pool billboards.
  • Bodet Campanaire: the expert in bells, bell tower equipment and making watches.

To find out more about its history and expertise, visit the Bodet Group page.


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