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Visitor management

Revolutionise your greeting and management of visitors

Kelio Visitors is specialist software created to transform your reception area. It provides a very easy way to improve management and access control of visitors. Used together with Kelio Visio X7 touchscreen terminals, this module modernises your reception area and positively improves your company's image.


visitor acces control

Factors to consider for effective visitor access management

Businesses receive many visitors on a daily basis including customers, couriers, delivery drivers, postmen/women, service providers, maintenance staff, and recruits.

Welcoming and managing access for visitors is a major issue for companies as it has a direct effect on your corporate image and business security. Problems include:

  • No specific reception area or it is undermanned or not cost-effective
  • Reception is manned by untrained security staff who are not suited to the role
  • Inadequate information regarding expected visits
  • Poor visitor security procedures, such as manual reception recording or minimal surveillance
  • Greater chance of unexpected or cold-call visits
  • Ineffective data regarding visitors present on the premises

Combining Kelio Visitors module with the Kelio Protect and Kelio Security units is a very effective means of both welcoming visitors and safeguarding your buildings and staff.


State-of-the-art visitor management

Kelio Visitors is a versatile, multi-functional solution ensuring:

  • A state-of-the-art reception area, either manned or as a standalone facility
  • Generation of specific profiles for different visitors
  • Operation of customised procedures depending on visitor category: unique access codes for deliveries, tailored greetings for customers, etc.
  • Immediate recognition of expected visitors
  • Collection of data on unplanned visitors
  • Modifying and distributing visitor schedules
  • Increased security for all visitors on arrival: compulsory digital signature, biometric recording
  • Visit trackability

The Kelio Visitors component, when used together with the optional Kelio Visio terminal, provides greater functionality and creates a contemporary image for reception.

Employing security procedures

Employing security procedures when receiving visitors

For the safety of your staff, effective access control to your premises is critical to avoid undesirable intruders. However, you still need to sanction visits and allow access for persons that are required to ensure your business runs smoothly, including delivery drivers, maintenance staff and contract cleaners

The Kelio Visitor Management module means you can tailor your reception area without compromising security.

With the Kelio Visitor Management solution, you can:

  • Provide automatic reception and registration of your visitors
  • Circulate QR codes in advance to your visitors for scheduled visits
  • Request your visitors complete a questionnaire beforehand, for example a health form or their company details
  • Track your visitors to meet GDPR legislation
  • Provide safety guidelines or health procedures relevant to your business
  • Provide an access badge incorporating access rights specific to each visitor

Kelio’s software allows you to anticipate and effectively manage a diverse range of visitors. Maintaining a detailed record of all visitors to your premises is invaluable in the event of any incidents.

Administer arranged or unexpected visits

Administer arranged or unexpected visits while maintaining total security

Staff can book in and register their expected visitors

  • Staff authorised to receive visitors can pre-register anticipated visits
  • Monitor planned visits by category: current, upcoming, unsuccessful, fulfilled
  • Print a form for each visit with optional signature
  • Automatically update the employee's Outlook© calendar

When arranged, Kelio Visitors software automatically sends the visitor an email to confirm the booking incorporating a unique identification QR code. It then emails a reminder the day prior to the appointment.


  • Visitors can complete a virtual form using the Kelio Visio touchscreen terminal, including name, host, or purpose of visit, etc.
  • Print an identification badge
  • Automatically advise the host employee of the visitor’s identity and presence.
state-of-the-art way to welcome visitors

Kelio Visio touchscreen terminal is a state-of-the-art way to welcome visitors

An interactive touchscreen terminal, Kelio Visio provides an effective, easy-to-operate means of welcoming visitors. Visitors are able to:

  • Register their arrival, either entering their details on the terminal or scanning the QR code they were sent previously
  • Be made aware of the security guidelines
  • Complete their visitor file by having their photograph taken
  • Use the Kelio Visio terminal to digitally sign the visitor log

At the end of the visit, visitors use the touchscreen terminal to record their departure.

The cutting-edge Kelio Visio terminal is totally autonomous and automatic so it can support or substitute staff in reception.

Visitor identification

Visitor identification

Host employees are informed via e-mail or SMS immediately their visitor arrives.

Visitors are provided with an identity badge to differentiate them from staff members. Badge templates can be pre-registered and printed automatically either individually or in batches or groups.

When visitors leave, they return their badge in the deposit receptacle provided.

Ensure personnel safety

Kelio Visitors software simplifies circulation of visitor lists to appropriate staff (reception staff, security staff at different site entrances, etc.). It also aids effective Access Control management.

Should an emergency such as a fire evacuation procedure occur, Kelio Visitors software provides an accurate, real-time record of everybody present on the premises, including visitors.

Kelio is perfect

Why Kelio is perfect for managing my visitor?

  • A cutting-edge approach to reception management
  • Module available in 17 language versions
  • Designed to meet the needs of visitors of every category
  • Visitor schedules updated and distributed instantaneously
  • All visitors fully informed of security instructions on arrival
  • Visitors provided with unique identification numbers or QR codes
  • Presence of visitors on personnel lists in the event of emergencies

Why choose Kelio?

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