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Visitor management

Include visitor control software in your access control system

Bodet’s Visitor Management System allows you to plan visits, increase security and receive alerts when visitors arrive through a digital visitor registration process which promotes a modern company image.


Identity Management through Visitor Control

Kelio Visitor is part of Bodet's Access Control System and is one of its Access Control Software Modules.

A Visitor Management System to monitor visitors in your premises

The Visitor Management System module within Bodet's Access Control System enables your company to:

  • Plan visits.
  • Identity management of visitors to control their access rights.
  • Involve your employees in the visitor recording process.
  • Improve the welcome given to your visitors by reducing recording time.
  • Increase the level of security in your premises by integrating visitors into time and attendance monitoring.
  • Use the Kelio Visio X7 as a visitor terminal, so arrival can be registered on-screen with no additional hardware.
  • Comply with GDPR by protecting your visitors’ personal data as it is recorded digitally and securely, instead of using vulnerable methods such as a visitor’s book.
  • Smartphone functionality including organisation of appointments and visitor registration form which provides a QR code to scan at terminals for access.
Visitor Control - Access Control

Example of visitor management situation

  • Step 1: a visitor arrives at the reception desk.
  • Step 2: the receptionist registers the visitor in Kelio Visitor.
  • Step 3: the person receiving the visitor is alerted by SMS or email.
  • Step 4: when the visitor presents their card to the exit reader the visit automatically ends.
managing visitor

Managing visitor records with Access Control Systems

Bodet's Access Control System enables your organisation to manage visitor records through:

  • Complete, customisable Access Control information record.
  • Graphic display of visits categorised by visitors.
  • Printable visitor sheets with visit history.
  • Direct printing of visitor passes / badges.
  • Pre-recording of visits by persons authorised to receive visitors.
  • Display of planned visits according to their type (in progress, to come, not taken place, finished).
  • Editing of a visitor record that can be signed.
  • Managing the issuing and return of visitor passes / badges.
Visitor Control - Access Control

Monitoring events with Kelio Access Control Systems

Kelio's Access Control System allows you to monitor events by:

  • Including visitors in Time and Attendance monitoring
  • Monitoring visitor access events.
  • Failure to return badge alert.
  • Visit end time exceeded alert.
kelio mobile access qr code

Mobile Visitor Management

The functionality of Bodet’s Visitor Management System is expanded through Kelio Mobile, with the ability to organise appointments directly through your smartphone.

For your visitors, the registration process can be simplified further. They can receive a registration form to fill in on their mobile device, which provides a QR code on completion. Visitors then scan this QR code directly from their device screen at a Kelio Visio terminal to gain entry.

This visitor registration form contains:

  • Date and time of visit.
  • The person the visitor is here to see.
  • Additional customisable information as required, such as site safety instructions.
Visitor Control - Access Control

Personalising the visitor badge for your Access Control Systems

Personalise the visitor badge with Bodet's Access Control System including:

  • Several pre-saved printing templates.
  • Running grouped or single prints.

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