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Kelio’s electronic signatures

Kelio's HR software incorporates electronic signatures for digitised documents. Easy to use and saves so much time!

All your digitised HR documents can now be signed remotely (contracts, reports, confirmation documents, protocols, regulations etc.). No more paperwork, so getting documents signed and archived is now really streamlined.


Quels sont les avantages de la signature électronique ?

Electronic signatures increase the efficiency of your business procedures

Digitising your current signature process using electronic signatures will dramatically speed up your administrative tasks.

  • Becoming paperless, printer-less and eliminating postage will radically reduce expenditure.
  • Reduces your CO2 footprint and protects the environment.
  • Speeds up contract procedures, especially for new recruits.
  • Saves time on administration tasks enabling HR departments to focus on key issues. Organising documents, printing, posting and archiving are very time consuming. Using electronic signatures eliminates all these processes adding value to your organisation.
  • Electronic signatures certify the identity of the signatory and fully validate the signed document
  • Signatures can be validated for individuals or groups of recipients.
  • All signed documents can be automatically archived in Kelio.

Digitising the signing of HR documents is simple

No more paperwork, couriers or mislaid documents!

Electronic signatures are part of the Kelio offering which means you can get your Kelio created reports signed as well as any external documents uploaded in PDF format:

  • Standard documents such as health protocols and internal regulations,
  • Personal documents such as job descriptions.

As an HR administrator you can:

step 1

Configure your signature templates based on document type

step 2

Create your documents in Kelio, or import them as PDFs

step 3

Submit them to your manager for verification or validation with the company signature

step 4

Once the HR documents have been sent, you can monitor their progress and follow them up, or revoke them in case of an error or if the process is cancelled

step 5

In due course, you will see when the signatures have been completed

step 6

Collect and automatically archive the signed documents. You can also view and print them

As a Signatory you can:

step 1

Click on the email notifying you that there is a document you need to sign

step 2

Read through the document in its entirety

step 3

Click to start the signature process

step 4

Enter the unique code you have received via text message or email to confirm your identity

step 5

Once everyone has signed the document, you will receive an email allowing you to download and save your document


Tracking and archiving documents

Tracking and archiving documents

Within Kelio you can track the progress of all documents sent out for signature.

This feature incorporates sorting and filtering functions so you can easily follow up signatories who have not yet signed the documents or you can cancel the process if mistakes have occurred.

After signing, documents will be archived in the Kelio storage space automatically. They can then be sorted and downloaded when needed.

The system also incorporates a proof file so you can certify the authenticity of both the document and the signatory.

Easy and flexible pricing

Kelio provides an ‘all inclusive’ pricing structure for electronic signatures tailored to your requirements. This includes:

  • The signatory’s signature
  • Creation and delivery of a unique authentication code to confirm the signature
  • The master company signature (this can be a business or an individual)
  • A unique link which is sent to all signatories for downloading the document after signing is completed
  • Securely archiving the signed document within Kelio

* To simplify this process, Kelio displays a validation screen before the documents are sent out for signature. This also allows you to add the company’s authorisation using a “permanent” certificate (long-term certificate not restricted to single use of signature).

To avoid any mistakes before sending documents out, your ‘signature book’ is digitised. This also allows you to add your legally recognised company signature to all HR documents.

Kelio simplifies the cost structure so you only pay for the signatures you actually use:

  • Invoicing: every quarter
  • Charges: dependent on your signature usage tier
  • Discounts: the more you use, the lower the cost of each signature.


Electronic signatures – the legal status

Electronic signatures – the legal status

An electronic signature on a digital document has the same legal status as a hand-written signature once it has been validated by a certification authority.

An electronic signature on a digital document allows you to:

  • Verify the identity of the signatory (each signature is unique)
  • Confirm that the signatory signed the document (the signatory cannot deny the signature)
  • Prove the signed document’s integrity (no changes after signing)
logo eIDAS

eIDAS (electronic Identification, Authentication and Trust Services) has provided the legal framework to harmonise all regulations governing electronic signatures in the European Union since July 2016.

Kelio also automatically provides a proof file to certify the electronic signature process for each signed document.

logo Nitro


Kelio guarantees that the functionality of our electronic signature processes comply with all the relevant European and International regulations.

This results from our association as a trusted partner with the Nitro Sign Certification Authority.

It ensures our compliance with the eIDAS regulations and respects the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The real benefits of choosing Kelio electronic signatures

The real benefits of choosing Kelio electronic signatures

  • Kelio saves time spent on daily HR tasks
  • It cuts costs of many HR administration tasks
  • It speeds up contract conclusion
  • It certifies the authenticity of signed documents
  • Signature costs are invoiced quarterly and based on the level of usage

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