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Access Control Systems

Innovative Access Control Solutions to Protect Your Employees and Premises

It has become essential for businesses to provide a secure environment for their workforce and ensure that access to premises is restricted to those who are not authorised to enter. The most efficient way of doing this is to use Access Control Systems which secure doors via biometric or proximity readers to control the access of visitors via specially developed Access Control Software.


Key Benefits of Kelio Access Control Technology

  • A Complete Access Control Solution: Kelio will fulfil all of your Access Control technology requirements by providing both the required software and hardware along with a complete set of services including installation, training, maintenance and support.
  • Keeping Track: Kelio's Access Control Systems give you the capability to track individual movements in real time directly from your computer screen.
  • Seamless Integration: Kelio's Time and Attendance Systems will seamlessly integrate with your Access Control Solution. This combination offers a powerful tool to monitor your workforce and premises in a single click.
  • Auxilliary Systems Link: additional functionality allows you to connect Kelio's Access Control Solutions to video surveillance systems to monitor buildings, and building systems such as heating and lighting so they can be adjusted for actual staffing levels to reduce energy costs.

Why use Kelio's Access Control Solutions?

Kelio has a proven track record of providing organisations with complete Access Control Systems for the protection of its premises and employees.

Operated by cards, key fobs or biometric Access Control Solutions, Kelio can provide Access Control management to give you full control over who is allowed access through any controlled point at any time. This means you can manage employee access to a single internal door through to a fully computerised, multi-site network of access points.



Complete access control software

Kelio Access Control Solutions

  • Access Control Software: Kelio's Kelio Access Control Systems enable your organisation to control when and which employees are allowed access to specific areas of your premises.
  • Access Control Readers: See Kelio’s full range of hardware offering a choice of readers such as proximity or biometric Access Control technology.
  • Visitor Management: The Kelio Visitor Module can be linked to your Access Control Software to plan visits and securely control visitor access.
  • Room Booking System: Kelio Reservation is a secure Room Booking System which allows you to use Outlook or touchscreen terminals at the door to ensure optimised room use.
Kelio's Access Control Systems tailored to your needs

Kelio's Access Control Systems tailored to your needs

Our experienced expert team can advise you on your needs with full site Access Control and the configuration required to protect your premises efficiently. We specialise in providing tailor made solutions to fit your needs, as well as being Access Control installers.

If we can provide any further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


What are examples of control access?

Access control is handled through different types of readers. Choose the right access reader for your organisation:

  • Badge
  • Code
  • Biometric

Access control solutions enable organisations to control who has access to their premises and provide visibility as to who is on site in real time. Access rights can also be determined according to staff working schedules.

Why implement access control in a company?

With Kelio, you can analyse and understand everything that is happening on your premises. From automated reports to real-time monitoring, you can manage access control events simply and securely. Access control will limit access to your premises according to your predetermined user profiles, thus protecting your staff, property and buildings

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