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Access Control Systems

Innovative Access Control Solutions to Protect Your Employees and Premises

It has become essential for businesses to provide a secure environment for their workforce and ensure that access to premises is restricted to those who are not authorised to enter. The most efficient way of doing this is to use Access Control Systems which secure doors via biometric or proximity readers to control the access of visitors via specially developed Access Control Software.


What are the benefits of an Access Control solution?

What are the benefits of an Access Control solution?

Access Control systems:

  • Safeguard your property, assets and wares
  • Stops unauthorised entry
  • Prevents and discourages intruders
  • Protects employees’ safety
  • Cuts insurance premiums and repair costs
An effective system for managing entry to premises

An effective system for managing entry to premises

Kelio access control provides a complete solution to monitor and manage entry to your buildings and to increase security and allows you to:

  • Fully manage and regulate all entry/exit points
  • Create and manage personnel access rights
  • Regulate staff access according to agreed schedules, synchronising with time and attendance management
  • Create real-time reports of all persons on site in the event of an emergency
  • Use CCTV to monitor buildings
  • Control energy usage, according to authorised access and working schedules

A comprehensive and practical solution for building security

Kelio helps protect your premises with an all-encompassing solution, incorporating hardware, software and services:

  • In-house designed software
  • Access equipment manufactured on-site
  • Full appraisal of needs
  • Complete installation service
  • Full management of entire project
  • Initial and ongoing training
  • Ensure familiarity of data protection/GDPR regulations
  • Contracted maintenance of software and equipment
  • Customer telephone helpline manned by experts

Our support teams are highly trained to ensure your security and access control project meets your full expectations.

Versatile Access control systems

Versatile Access Control systems, designed to fully meet your needs

Kelio’s Access Control solutions are ideal for large and small organisations across all business sectors, irrespective of the security level required.

Kelio’s Access Control software is modular, so it can expand as your business grows:

  • Central supervision and control, even for multi-site organisations
  • Kelio Security software is compatible with a wide range of access control readers, hardware and CCTV
  • Integrates with Kelio Time and Attendance system
  • Has inbuilt flexibility to adapt to ongoing changes to your organisation

We have over 35 years’ experience in access control, so we can ensure you always receive reliable and ongoing service.

Intuitive software that meets all security requirements.

With Kelio you will have a comprehensive, easy-to-use access control system that is fully tailored to your specific needs. Being a flexible solution, additional modules can be added to complement your current and future security policies and applications:

  • Adding the visitor management module, allows you to be informed of the arrival and manage transitory access rights of visitors, including temp staff, delivery drivers, external contractors, etc.
  • Incorporating room reservation management software provides you with an easy solution for efficient reservation and management of your meeting rooms ensuring security of the included equipment
  • The fire drill management module provides a real-time list of people on-site to be accounted for which can be accessed via your smartphone
A comprehensive range of access hardware and readers

A comprehensive range of access hardware and readers

Kelio’s software solutions are compatible with a wide range of access readers and hardware so we can guarantee to meet the requirements of all types of organisations:

  • Access code readers
  • Proximity badge readers
  • Biometric terminals
  • Intelligent locks, electric door locks
  • Turnstiles, internal barriers, gates
  • Security gates, external barriers
  • CCTV surveillance equipment

What are examples of access control?

Access control is handled through different types of readers. Choose the right access reader for your organisation:

  • Badge
  • Code
  • Biometric

Access control solutions enable organisations to control who has access to their premises and provide visibility as to who is on site in real time. Access rights can also be determined according to staff working schedules.

Why implement access control in a company?

With Kelio, you can analyse and understand everything that is happening on your premises. From automated reports to real-time monitoring, you can manage access control events simply and securely. Access Control will limit access to your premises according to your predetermined user profiles, therefore protecting your staff, property and buildings.

Why choose Kelio?

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