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Centralised Access Control System

Kelio Security: Access Control solutions to keep your premises secure

Kelio Security is an Access Control System suited to the needs of businesses and public organisations, providing security for premises and staff alike. Kelio's Access Control System enables to organise, control and secure access to your premises.


A versatile access control management solution

A versatile access control management solution

There are a range of factors that need to be considered for effective access control and security management of your buildings.

  • The number of people or vehicles accessing your premises
  • What security levels are appropriate to each building or accessible area
  • Customise which access rights are allocated to different staff members - working days, production schedules, responsibility level and security category, etc.

Kelio’s Access Control software has been designed to be intuitive so it’s simple to operate and manage access rights for all staff

Ensure security and access for all your employees

Kelio’s access management systems have many features to ensure high security of access to all your buildings:

  • Manage employee access according to security grade
  • Control individual employee access subject to their clearance level, approved areas and established schedules
  • Automatic Event Logging (recording of permissions and access denials)
  • Ensure all access points are locked by default
  • Effective anti-passback controls
  • Allow increased timeouts for people with mobility issues
  • Access points can be opened centrally using the software or remotely using a smartphone or tablet
  • The rules and authorisations are stored in the concentrator, so admission rights are maintained autonomously even when disconnected from the server

Kelio’s Access Control software is compatible with a wide range of readers, barriers, locks and CCTV systems.

Real time access monitoring

Real time access monitoring

Kelio’s Access Control management software makes it easy to be fully aware of what’s happening at all times and ensure access to your premises is secure 24/7:

  • Graphic 2D/3D building surveillance, real-time images of secure areas, showing all current access activity
  • Visual alerts (flashing visuals, pop-ups, etc.) for any problem incidents such as unsecured doors, power failure, triggered alarms, panic alarms, etc.
  • Individuals identified as they activate and pass through access points
  • Live detection of the people currently in each area or the number of vehicles in a car park
  • Alerts transmitted automatically via SMS or email when unexpected events occur or panic alarm activated, etc.
  • Logging and recording of access control activity
  • Alarm system activation
  • Access hardware components managed in real-time: concentrator, readers, doors, locks, barriers and gates
Integrate access control

Integrate access control with Time & Attendance

Kelio’s Access Control software is fully compatible with our Time & Attendance management solutions, so you can streamline access management.

Access to buildings or specific areas is conditional on several factors:

  • Projected working times
  • Planned absences
  • Individual user programmes

You can create an employee profile in either the Access management or Time and Attendance module. This profile is replicated automatically or by demand in the other module and conforms to the procedures specific to your organisation.

An interactive access control system

Kelio software and hardware can also incorporate auto-control systems. Specific access events can activate secondary functions:

  • Integrate with building management systems (BMS)
  • Switch on lighting when an access point is activated
  • Activate the intruder alarm as the last person clocks out
  • Automatically switch on the heating or air conditioning systems (HVAC)
  • Trigger open window detectors
  • Power up specific electrical machinery
  • Any other systems that can be automatically managed
Automatically generate a People Present list

Automatically generate a People Present list when fire alarm is activated

Kelio Protect and Security software can automatically print lists of everybody on site when the fire alarm is triggered. These lists can be printed or distributed via email.

The lists can allocate people by numbers of staff at specific locations, such as assembly point, site or building. This makes head counting quicker and simpler.

To ensure accuracy and efficiency in fire alarm management, each access point can reinforced by installing single-person barriers such as tripod turnstiles, speed gates, glazed fast lanes, full-height turnstiles etc.

Why Kelio is the ideal solution for your access management and monitoring?

  • Simpler management of personal profiles and access rights
  • Access events are logged and can be easily traced
  • Real-time activity monitoring and generation of alerts
  • Full integration of access control with Time & Attendance systems
  • Fully compatible with extensive range of access hardware
  • Can be supplemented by and incorporated with video surveillance solutions

What is access control?

Kelio’s Access Control hardware and software solutions enable you to manage access to your premises for you, your staff and your visitors. This can be done by using card, code or biometric readers.

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