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Clocking systems

Kelio's clocking systems ensure dependable working time monitoring

From a basic model to a state-of-the-art touchscreen clocking terminal, Kelio designs and manufactures a wide range of clocking terminals, and provides the very latest services for collection of data via PC, tablet and smartphone.


Traditional uses of a clocking terminal

Traditional uses of a clocking terminal

fleche jaune What is a clocking terminal?

A clocking terminal is a clocking in system used for:

  • Monitoring the actual working time, punctuality, compliance to schedules for each employee.
  • Accurately determining working time.
  • Ensuring fair treatment for all employees.

Kelio is a range of innovative clocking terminals that meets all the needs of your organisation. If you need a versatile clocking machine that you can relocate and site anywhere, in any environment and that can withstand extreme conditions, then Kelio Xtrem is perfect for you.

Do you want a clocking terminal that provides interactive support between you and your employees? Ground-breaking Kelio Visio clocking terminals can be set up to meet the precise requirements of your organisation.

Why choose Kelio clocking terminals?

Why choose Kelio clocking terminals?

All Kelio clocking terminals are designed and manufactured in house, from the hardware through to the software.

Our clocking machines offer many benefits:

  • Connectivity: clocking data is instantly sent in real time to servers installed with Kelio time and attendance software.
  • Accessibility: each employee can immediately view their results on the clocking terminal.
  • Adaptability: Our clocking machines are designed for indoor, outdoor or offline situations? If you need it, we have it!
  • Regulations: all clocking terminals are linked to Kelio T&A software and fulfil security requirements consistent with the regulations in force.
  • Expertise in time-related activity: Kelio have been time management specialist for over 35 years, so we have a wealth of expertise.
Kelio Visio: not just a clocking terminal

Kelio Visio: not just a clocking terminal

Kelio Visio clocking terminals do more for your organisation than just collecting attendance time or activity time data? They are revolutionary new terminals that allow your employees to clock in and out more easily, quickly and safely. Their innovative design means they are, unquestionably, more useful for everybody.

The new Kelio Visio terminals provide added value and give your employees greater peace of mind. Their interactive function delivers:

  • Reliable recording of hours clocked and time counted
  • Reliable and verifiable identification: eliminates buddy punching, so no colleague is able to clock on behalf of another
  • Use of high added-value applications such as submitting absence requests, directly communicating messages, viewing schedules etc.
  • Incorporation of customisable business processes

The Kelio Visio terminals fit seamlessly within your organisation, so that clocking becomes more intuitive, more practical, more reliable and, ultimately, becomes an enjoyable routine every day!


You can clock anywhere, in any weather with Kelio Xtrem

You can clock anywhere, in any weather with Kelio Xtrem

It’s great to have a reliable clocking terminal, but it’s even better to have one that can adapt to any and all conditions! Kelio Xtrem is a clocking terminal that has been designed to solve its clients’ problems by coping with a wide range of environments.

  • Temperature and moisture resistant: Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, including refrigerated warehouses and very dusty environments
  • Transportable solution: Clocking is now accessible and available everywhere.
  • Robust design: Kelio Xtrem is designed to withstand heat, sun and shock.
  • Flexibility: Enhances building security.
  • Synergy: The Kelio Xtrem clocking terminal can be complimentary to or in addition to Kelio Visio clocking terminals.

How do you choose the ideal clocking system?

fleche jaune Physical terminals or digital clocking?

Choose whichever suits your needs ... or you can use both! Our professional clocking machines are fully compatible with our Kelio Time & Attendance management software. You can clock your working time on the Kelio terminal, or by using your smartphone, web-enabled tablet or via the Employee Self-Service on your PC.

fleche jauneWhat about staffing levels within my organisation?

Before deploying any physical clocking system, you need to consider the staffing levels and size of your organisation. This will help you identify suitable sites to install a system and locate the ideal clocking points.

The range of Kelio clocking machines have been designed for and are scaled to suit all sizes of organisation, from SMEs to multi-national corporations, so allows you to deploy one or multiple terminals at near or distant sites.

For Very Small Enterprises: we have developed a comprehensive, simple-to-use time clocking solution called TimeBox that is ideal for organisations with fewer than 20 employees.


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