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It’s now easy to export the variable data required for accurate payroll calculations

The Kelio payroll module extracts all the data required for salary computations from the Time and Attendance module and transfers it directly to your payroll software package. This saves time, eliminates errors from duplicate data entry and ensures accuracy.


Payroll Interface - Time and Attendance

Automatic transfer of variable salary data

You can directly transfer all the data needed to calculate variable payroll (attendance, absence, overtime, field visits, training days etc.) for each employee in a format that is fully compatible with your payroll software using Kelio’s Paylink interface.

Paylink collates each employee’s specific payroll data, automatically calculates and checks their attendance and absences before transferring the data via ASCII files directly to your payroll software package. Your payroll software then processes the data at the end of each month to create the individual payslips.

Kelio data exporting

The Kelio Paylink is an efficient interface that exports a wide range of data from the Kelio system including:

  • Full, comprehensive attendance data: regular, scheduled, required, actual total, remunerated
  • Additional attendance: overtime, extra shifts, holidays worked, time in lieu
  • Balances: opening, carried over, final, paid
  • Absences: holiday/leave, sickness, total, days, hours, frequency
  • External and off-site visits
  • Extras: bonuses, incentives, vouchers, holidays, gift cards etc.
Multi-site, groups and associated companies

Multi-site, groups and associated companies

For group companies and those operating over multiple locations, Kelio payroll also offers a multi-company interface. This allows centralisation and standardisation of files so that data can be accessed quickly and more easily and is especially valuable for travelling staff.


How does Kelio help in the preparation of your payroll ?

  • Kelio Paylink is designed to interface with over 160 payroll software packages
  • Quick and easy export of variable payroll information, eliminating the need for data re-entry and potential errors
  • Can be configured to accommodate different employee categories and roles
  • Ideal for central payroll management for multi-site organisations
  • Payroll files can be exported via e-mail or FTP if payroll is outsourced

Time and Attendance Systems’ compatibility

Payroll System Compatibility

Payroll System Compatibility

Kelio and Sage have been partners for years and offer you the facility to import the data collected with Kelio's Time and Attendance System to your payroll software. Our Time and Attendance Solutions also interface with most of the market leading Payroll Systems (such as SAGE, Pegasus and Iris).

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