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Staff Administration Software

Centralise and secure all your data and documentation with HR software

Our staff administration software, Kelio HRIS, integrates all your HR and workforce management processes into one central system. This eliminates duplication, safeguards conformity and ensures all your documents and data are always fully updated.


Optimise and Streamline Your Core HR functionality

Kelio’s “HR Core” is a comprehensive HRIS (Human Resources Information System) module that integrates all the functions needed by HR departments to create a better employee experience both for HR administrators and employees.

Kelio creates and manages digital employee files for all staff ensuring the data is always fully up-to-date and includes:

Optimise and Streamline Your Core HR functionality
  • Personal data: address, phone number, e-mail address, family situation, etc.
  • Professional data: contact information, post occupied, job title, department, skills, work-related tools and equipment, etc.
  • Employee history: remuneration, bonuses, medical information and appointments, vaccinations, certifications, etc.
  • Career data: appraisal history, training courses, personal development, additional skill sets, etc.
  • Contracts: current and historical
  • HR documents: communications, policies, guides.

All the data is fully secure. Multiple levels of access are managed from within the software to ensure that only authorised staff can view, modify and save documents. When any document is modified, alerts keep you fully informed.

The HR Core module allows you to create, update and manage all HR information easily to simplify, streamline and speed up HR functions.


Make On-boarding, Cross-boarding and Off-boarding Processing Easier and Efficient

Workforce management is a constantly evolving process. New employees come on board, may subsequently change roles and eventually leave. At each stage there are a range of tasks that have to be undertaken and managed effectively. This may involve several people within the organisation, each having a different role.

The Kelio system alerts each staff member by e-mail of the task assigned to them which they can then undertake, and their progress is monitored via their Kelio portal.

  • New staff can enter their details into the system even before they start their new role
  • Key equipment (workstation, network access, e-mails, phones, company car, access badge etc.) can be assigned both for On-boarders and Cross-boarders.
  • For Off-boarders, documents for returning equipment can be prepared ready for their departure to ensure nothing is overlooked

All the different tasks can be monitored in real time from the dashboard, and followed up with the employees to ensure everything is completed efficiently and on time.

Download the Kelio Workforce Management brochure

Integrated Mass Mailing and Electronic Signature Features

Integrated Mass Mailing and Electronic Signature Features

Your new staff administration software enables you to generate HR documents quickly and easily. Documents are created in Word® format which can automatically incorporate employee information (personal, professional or career data) directly from employee files. This ensures that all documents are fully up-to-date and include the latest HR information.

Once created, documents can then be sent to the relevant person or groups of people via e-mail for electronic signature, a feature included with the HR Core software. The progress of the task and any responses can be monitored via the Kelio dashboard, and the signed document will automatically be stored in the system. As this is all carried out within the software, so eliminating manual processing.

Easily Track Medical appointments and Monitor Certification and Accreditation

Easily Track Medical appointments and Monitor Certification and Accreditation

Employees may need regular medical check-ups, vaccinations or skill accreditation renewals to carry out their role effectively and legally. Kelio makes it easy for all staff to make sure their certification is fully up to date.

  • When medical check-ups or certifications are due for your employees, you will receive an alert.
  • You can then not only schedule appointments in your Kelio dashboard, but also send personalised calendar invitations to each employee, and automatically create an appointment in their Outlook© calendar.
  • You can create and manage your own directory of certifications which incorporates validation and renewal period reminders
  • With the optional Time and Attendance and Leave Management modules, you an automatically create absence categories for medical appointments for tracking and justification.
  • All supporting documents and certification history can be archived within each employee file.


Streamline Internal HR Management

Streamline Internal HR Management

Kelio’s HR software's collaborative features will save time both for HR managers and employees alike.

  • Employees can view and modify their own employee file as all HR information is decentralised within Kelio
  • The internal messaging feature of Kelio ensures maximum security for all users
  • You can easily access your directory of contact details from a PC, laptop, web-enabled tablet or even a smartphone

In a nutshell, Kelio simplifies HR management processes and streamlines internal communications

Simplify HR Reporting

A key part of HR strategic management is creating specific reports on a range of factors and indicators so you can monitor trends, track key metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Give more autonomy to your employees Create HR indicator reports quickly and simply

With just a few clicks, Kelio’s HRIS solution provides a range of reporting tools that incorporate the key features required for effective HR management.

The reports automatically compile the relevant employee data which is updated in real time, so removing the need for manual calculations.

Give more autonomy to your employees Tailored charts for increased productivity

Kelio incorporates an extensive range of HR reporting templates within the HR Core software.

Job title, contract type, age, gender, position, seniority are just a few examples of the 30 data types that you can use to create more than 1000 different customised chart formats. This saves you and your department significant time when producing HR reports.

All charts can be customised, opened in Kelio and integrated directly into HR documents ensuring the data is always fully up-to-date.

Give more autonomy to your employees Kelio improves efficiency for all your HR administration activities

  • A secure environment that centralises all HR data relating to employees
  • Processing and archiving of customised HR documents is automated
  • Pre-boarding, on-boarding and off-boarding processes are carried out efficiently and effectively
  • Multi-level authorised access ensures all data files are kept fully up-to-date
  • Medical appointments and work-related certifications are easily managed
  • Customised HR reports are easily created and automatically updated in real time

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