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Time and attendance systems are excellent for employers. Still, they can also prove invaluable for schools, especially when it comes to managing security issues, such as a fire emergency.

Kelio's Time Attendance System can help schools, colleges and universities in many ways. The most obvious advantage is the amount of time and money saved by eliminating very time-consuming manual procedures involved in school attendance, unauthorised absence and safeguarding at-risk children.

By using an automated time and attendance system, teachers can more quickly and effectively track students' attendance time, monitor the attendance of teachers and support staff, reduce paperwork and keep parents informed about their children's attendance via Email & SMS alerts.

Reducing unauthorised student absence

Adopting a cutting-edge time attendance system, such as Kelio's Time Attendance System Software as a Service (SaaS), will help to maintain student attendance by performing actions that analyse student absences. It will highlight everyday occurrences and help you to look for ways to correct the issue with targeted interventions and student support packages.

Kelio's time attendance system can help you to:

  1. Analyse attendance data

  2. Engage students and parents with the school

  3. Generate attendance reports for students or staff to set attendance goals

  4. Identify absent and persistently late arriving students

  5. Send automatic notifications and absence alerts to parents

  6. Set up a reward system to promote positive attendance

  7. Share student attendance records with parents

  8. Try out new approaches to improve school attendance

According to data from the ONS, 12.1% of pupil enrolments missed 10% or more of their possible sessions in 2020/21. 12.1% of pupil enrolments were recorded as persistently absent in 2020/21. This compares to around 11% pre-pandemic and equates to approximately 870,000 enrolments.

Student attendance management is about reducing unauthorised absenteeism and identifying persistent student absenteeism from vulnerable or at-risk children, which can be a safeguarding issue.

For many years schools have been in need of a cost-effective way to tackle these daily challenges. With already overloaded staff and teachers, maintaining attendance records has always been time-consuming and frustrating. Schools can now adopt emerging technologies, such as time attendance systems, to enable students to achieve their full potential and for staff to improve efficiencies.

Time attendance systems and fire emergencies

On average, in the UK, forty schools are hit by fires each month. This means that almost 20,000 school children had their education impacted because of a fire emergency.

Firefighters were called to 2,000 school blazes in England between 2017 and 2020, and large school fires can cost around £2.8 million to repair and put right. But the risk to the life of students and staff is the primary concern in the event of a fire emergency.

Using a time and attendance system can significantly aid staff and the fire service in accurately accounting for all staff and students during a fire evacuation. The system will show you who is registered and present and who is officially absent in real-time.

Having instant access to data showing who is present on school grounds and who is absent can be invaluable during a fire emergency. It will save staff and fire crews from risking life and limb searching the school premises for missing students or staff members that are actually absent or working away from school grounds or campus.

Time and attendance system options

Many systems offer cloud-based and stand-alone, on-premises solutions. For example, a stand-alone on-premises system will store data on your own onsite servers. A cloud-based system is managed by your system provider and accessed online.

A popular option is the Kelio Time Attendance System: Software as a Service (SaaS). We have been providing innovative time and attendance solutions for over two decades. Our time and attendance solutions have been created to simplify staff time management and integrate HR management practices.

Kelio has recently launched its software as a Service called Kelio on Demand Express. This fully hosted service offers:

  1. Secure data management using state-of-the-art data centres offering 99.99 % availability
  2. Access to your data via the internet 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  3. Free upgrades to new releases
  4. Equipment maintenance for the duration of chosen contract
  5. Training and support of all software for the duration of the contract
  6. The opportunity to buy/lease hardware and rent the software over a contractual period of 36 months

This is a flexible time management solution for schools and educational establishments that want to streamline their systems and improve accuracy and efficiency.

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