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HR Onboarding Software

Simplify and streamline the integration of new employees into your organisation with our HR Onboarding Software.

Kelio’s HR software means you can ensure all new staff are made to feel welcome from the very start. A smooth, personalised experience helps you build loyalty and retention.



HR Onboarding Software - The Onboarding Experience

New employees want to feel they are an integral part of your organisation from the moment they are appointed. By personalising and simplifying the onboarding process and involving them actively in the experience will ensure they feel they are an important member of your organisation.

The Kelio Onboarding process allows you to ensure:

  • Each new employee quickly becomes familiar with your company, its core values and objectives, and they fully comprehend their role and responsibilities within the organisation
  • They become integrated immediately as a key member of the team
  • New employees have all the resources they need to perform their duties such as a PC or laptop, network access, telephone, company car, access badge and internal documentation
  • Early collaboration and support results in a successful start for new employees and helps them attain proficiency more rapidly
  • Their feedback via reports enable you to continually improve the Onboarding processes

Effective Onboarding is key to motivating new employees, maximising retention and reducing staff turnover.

The Kelio system provides a platform to streamline your Onboarding processes, and ensure all stakeholders involved contribute to the experience even before new hires have joined the organisation.


Preboarding Ensures New Employees are Successfully Integrated into your Organisation

Preboarding is the critical stage after a new employee accepts a job offer until their first day at the organisation. This phase includes a number of interactions associated with basic administration and preparation for starting work.

Preboarding is critical in reducing first-day anxiety, builds employee motivation and makes new employees feel valued before they have even started their first day at work.


Kelio’s HRIS software simplifies this process by eliminating manual paperwork. New recruits are provided with login details so they can access their Kelio Portal and can:

  • Update their personal employee file with the required information
  • Submit relevant administrative documents
  • Sign their employment contract, the corporate charter, NDAs and other documents using electronic signature
  • Explore their customised personal workspace and view various useful documents such as welcome packs, employee handbooks and safety protocols.
  • Be sent important information in advance such as directions, initial meetings or planned training schedules

Decentralising these actions automates many of the administrative processes. This not only saves time for the HR department but also involves the new employee actively in the process, so they quickly become acquainted with their new role in the organisation.

Whilst often overlooked, Preboarding plays a critical role in creating the best perception that the new employee will have of his new employer.

Setting up the Onboarding Process

Simplifying and streamlining the onboarding process by automating the various tasks underpins the ethos of Kelio’s Onboarding software.

From within the Kelio software, you can select the activities that need to be carried out when the new employee starts, and the other departments that will be involved in the onboarding process – IT dept, line managers, payroll etc.

tasks kelio software

You can tailor the specific actions that are required for the employee to carry out their duties such as:

  • Creating and signing HR documents
  • Organising a PC workstation and any entry access badges or fobs
  • Allocating equipment that will be required (examples include PPE, mobile phone and a company car)
  • Familiarisation with welcome or starter packs
  • Organising appointments for medical checks, training courses, safety programmes etc.

You can specify the fields that must be completed and documents to be uploaded as well as setting time deadlines for completion of key activities.

You can also create sequences whereby task assignment is conditional on the completion of a previous action.

HR administrators using the Kelio software can monitor all activities in real time from the dashboard and create alerts to notify if any actions are not completed in due time. This helps ensure that each employee completes their tasks within the allotted time, thereby reducing errors and delays in the whole HR onboarding process.


Customised Onboarding Tailored to your Organisation

The Kelio software has all the templates and documents required for onboarding. This makes it easy to customise the workflow process for each new employee so that it reflects the ethos and values of your organisation.

You can tailor the onboarding process to suit the needs of both the new employee and your organisation. Depending on the new employee’s role, it can incorporate the number of tasks and the sequence, the timeline for activities, the associated employees and equipment to be provided amongst others.

Kelio ensures the onboarding process is standardised throughout your organisation, strengthening your corporate branding and ensuring that every new employee has the very best introduction to your company.

Not just Onboarding

With its customisable features, Kelio’s HR software solution streamlines and supports all internal HR processes that follow the same protocols as onboarding, so you can also automate and integrate such HR processes as:

  • Reboarding – the return of an employee after a long absence such as an illness, maternity or sabbatical leave or returning from working abroad.
  • Crossboarding – simplify the process for an employee who is changing roles within your organisation
  • Offboarding – ensuring that when an employee leaves, all the necessary tasks are completed efficiently and effectively. This can include return of all company owned equipment and access badges, terminating IT access, cancelling subscriptions, full and final payments due and any other HR administrative formalities.

Kelio’s onboarding software provides everything you need to manage an employee’s life cycle from the minute they are offered a job until the day they leave your organisation.

Why you should enhance your longer-term Onboarding process

Why choose Kelio’s software solution to help manage your Onboarding process?

Kelio’s HR software is the ideal solution to help you to manage your Onboarding processes

  • A seamless and customised onboarding experience for all new employees
  • Greater productivity for HR managers resulting from automating, delegating and monitoring all onboarding activities
  • Pre-set routines and standard processes results in a reduction of errors and delays
  • A positive experience and improved wellbeing for all employees throughout the time they are employed by your organisation
  • Provides a real boost to your corporate branding

Why choose Kelio?

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