Staff Management - time, attendance, access

Staff Management

Time and Attendance and payroll:  What's at stake?

Activity monitoring within organisations, which consists of monitoring and analysing the number of hours worked by employees as well as the type of work, is a key issue related to keeping track of productivity or cost pricing. How can activity monitoring be carried out? What tools are available to companies to support it?

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Steps to Successful Onboarding

The recruitment process is becoming increasingly complex and therefore harder to attract and retain talented staff. Successful HR onboarding is a key issue for a lot of companies and many feel that the process of integrating their new employees is not as ideal as they would like. To help with this, we've outlined essential steps for effectively onboarding your new recruit.

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How to Support Remote Working

Workforce management is one of the responsibilities that falls not only to the HR department but also to every team manager in each department. Between the difficulties of scheduling, legal obligations and working constraints, how can we help managers organise their employees shifts patterns and daily activities?

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At work, measuring performance is critical to see if workers are performing optimally. In the following guide we tell you how to perform a work performance evaluation to be able to assess your staff productivity.

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Track Effectively Overtime Control

Job costing is an accounting technique used to determine the exact costs incurred in specific operations. It monitors and records the actual materials and labour expenses for individual jobs and assigns overhead to jobs at a pre-determined rate.

So how can we carry out this activity efficiently, and what modern tools are available to simplify the process?

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In a professional world where agility is recognised as a strategic challenge, managing time and activities is now about more than simply collecting information on the presence of employees in the company. In fact, time and attendance management – T&A – impacts several priority topics for any HRD, including resource planning, the quality of the employee experience and, more broadly, the quality of life at work; areas that have a direct impact on the company’s performance.

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Physical security is a significant concern for many UK businesses across all industrial sectors. It really doesn't matter how large or small your company is; it is up to you as the owner to take all the necessary security precautions you need to ensure the safety of you and your staff onsite, especially if your company handles a lot of sensitive information and holds valuable business assets such as tools, machinery and IT equipment onsite.

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The security of staff, sensitive company data, and business premises are a top priority for companies of all types and sizes. That is why using access control equipment makes so much sense in the modern workplace.

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