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Physical security is a significant concern for many UK businesses across all industrial sectors. It really doesn't matter how large or small your company is; it is up to you as the owner to take all the necessary security precautions you need to ensure the safety of you and your staff onsite, especially if your company handles a lot of sensitive information and holds valuable business assets such as tools, machinery and IT equipment onsite.

Installing a high-quality access control system can make the whole process of protecting your business premises, staff and assets much more straightforward. An access control system is a way to help you quickly and seamlessly allow access to authorised staff and visitors to your premises and deny access to anyone attempting to enter without permission.

Many access control solutions will also offer extra layers of security to restrict the movement of staff and visitors on your premises. This means you can protect the safety of your team from risks if your company handles hazardous materials, uses radiation, or operates machinery that can cause serious injury if used by untrained staff.

You may also want to protect any innovative R&D projects from falling into your competitor's hands by restricting access to development labs, rooms or offices to authorised research team members only.

Access control system biometric coding

Access control systems with biometric coding features provide robust protection against unauthorised access to your premises and areas within your company. They are a great first line of defence against burglary and much more.

Most break and entry burglars look for an easy ride. They will look for physical weaknesses in your building security to force entry. This can be via a poorly protected rear access door or window with inadequate locks that are not alarmed or covered by motion sensor CCTV cameras. For the most secure premises, biometric access control goes one stage further, eliminating the possibility of criminals using stolen fobs or access cards, or watching as a member of staff uses a PIN code.

Once inside, burglars can have free and open access to all areas of an unprotected property. Depending on their goal, they can make off with expensive IT assets, or they could be holding more targeted aims such as stealing sensitive company and customer data to use for business fraud or identity theft.


Increase security with access control


The main idea behind installing access control systems is to deny entry to intruders that want to cause damage to your business in many ways. But the extra security that biometric access systems provide can prove invaluable when put in place inside your premises too!

Burglary prevention

Burglary prevention is a key feature of the best access control systems. Standard security systems can reduce the risks of theft from your premises, but an access control system adds several extra features to reinforce your defence against crime.

Let’s consider the very worst scenario, that criminals manage to find a way inside your building. Imagine how frustrating it would be to see that their movements are severely restricted by locked internal doors controlled by a biometric access system.

In most cases, savvy career criminals will know to steer clear of targeting businesses with biometric access control systems installed simply because all their effort to gain entry to the building will be thwarted by biometrically protected internal locked doors.

In other words, cutting-edge biometric access control effectively deters any would-be thieves sizing up your business for a profitable burglary.

Contactless access control systems

It wasn't so long ago that staff needed a security team member to unlock doors for them to gain entry to a workspace. Issuing keys to staff was seen as an expensive option with a high risk of keys being lost, misplaced, copied or stolen.

Each time a keyholder member of staff left the company, it would be necessary to change the door locks and issue a new set of keys to existing keyholders to help maintain high levels of building security. But this was also a very time-consuming and expensive way to maintain security.


Contactless access control


These days it is much more convenient and secure to use contactless door access control systems that contactless ID can access. The advantage of using such technology is that it can be a faster and more hygienic option, and ideal for dirty environments that can make reading fingerprints difficult.

Contactless access control can also be easily managed to allow special visitors or single individuals working temporarily onsite to gain short-term limited access when they arrive. This means they will not be able to access your premises outside their authorised hours, days or dates.

Customising access to your business premises in this way helps you and your security team remain in control of who is allowed access to your company assets and sensitive data storage areas, such as your server room and file storage rooms.

Why choose Bodet's Access Control System

By choosing Bodet's Access Control System, you can seamlessly control access to your business premises. Our Centralised Access Control System is straightforward and effective, and can be accessed using a web browser from any client workstation.

Our Access Control System also integrates perfectly with our Time and Attendance Software. The access rights are directly inherited from work and absence schedules, meaning your Human Resources department can easily keep on top of monitoring employee absence and attendance levels. It also means you can deny access to staff if they try to enter your premises outside of their scheduled working hours.

Some of the main benefits of using Bodet's Access Control include:

  • Access Control by security level with 3D graphical supervision view
  • Anti-pass-back management (Clocking in/Clocking out or Time-delayed)
  • Door lock management and intruder alarm system
  • Management of a barred list (by an individual or badge number)
  • Management of individuals by authorisation profile
  • Monitoring of events by filters
  • Printout list of those present in the event of a fire alarm (FES)
  • Real-time zone population counters

Bodet's Access Control System uses the latest computer technology – full web, multi-browser and multi-database. We currently work with over 35,000 customers worldwide and all our equipment is designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

By installing Bodet's Access Control System, you can monitor your entry points 24/7 and get an instant alert should anyone try to gain access using an unauthorised form of identification.

Another outstanding benefit of choosing this system is the level of protection it offers your staff. It is well known that employees are more productive and efficient when they feel safe and at ease in the workplace.

Eliminating the threats to your staff from intruders entering your premises can also help to improve your staff turnover rates. This, in turn, allows you to hold on to your most valuable employees because they feel safe and well looked after at work by your company.

Looking for access control to increase safety for your staff and premises? You can rely on our years of experience to make it easy for you. We’d be happy to discuss your all your requirements and find a solution that fits your requirements and building layout.


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