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Visitor Management Software Kelio

Companies are not always able to manage visits, especially in the case of unexpected visits. If you want to improve the management of visits in your business efficiently and guarantee a safe process, we have the solution you need. This way, you can ensure that everything goes well so that nothing escapes your control.

How to make safe and efficient visit management: everything you need to know

Companies often deal with different visits, both expected and unexpected. If this process is not automated, it can become a problem, especially if there is a high volume of visits.

Over time, companies grow, and it is essential to implement solutions that allow certain processes to be automated. If your business receives visits of any kind, for security and for optimisation of time and personnel tasks, it can be of considerable value if visitor management is automatic.

But can management of visits be automated? How can you do it? Nowadays tools can speed it up and make things easier, so your staff do not have to dedicate time and effort to manage it. If it can be automated, it will be cheaper.

That's why it's crucial to try to automate all repetitive tasks if you can. So, if you receive visitors to your business, this will be really useful to you.

How does Kelio Visitors work?

With Kelio Visitors software you can protect your premises and optimise the process of visits, ensuring that it will be safe.

Companies receive many visits on a daily basis (customers, maintenance personnel, planned and unplanned visits, commercial...). That is why it is important that everyone is welcomed and are monitored, something that is achieved with access control.

It does not matter who comes to your business, because with this tool you can provide a personalised visit, with appropriate access. In this way customers, commercial visitors, postmen ... anyone can come to your business whenever they want (or when it's scheduled) and you can keep track of it.

What problems does it solve?

Companies that have not yet automated the process of managing visitors often encounter problems on a day-to-day basis. These are some of the most important which you can now resolve:

  • It is unprofessional if reception is carried out by "any worker who passes by". It is also not normal to designate a person only to attend visits since it can usually be done by a secretary, but they may not always be available (maybe answering calls or involved in other work)
  • It is unprofessional if the visitor is not welcomed. The person arriving at the business can get a bad impression if they enter and see that nobody attends them, or if they are left waiting for any time.
  • Doors may not have been left open. In any event, this should not be allowed under any circumstances today, especially if there is nobody monitoring who enters and who leaves.
  • It is difficult to manage problems of overcapacity in the building (many people could congregate within the business making it difficult to manage). Without access control software there is no way to prevent this from happening and it can be a difficult time for companies, and stressful for staff.

The Kelio Visitors software solution, coupled with Kelio Access improves the image and security of your company, and is crucial in the management of visits. All these problems will be solved because you will no longer have to manage them manually. You can automate and optimise this process, offer a more professional image and satisfy all parties.

What are the advantages of using welcome software?

It's all benefits:

  • The customer enjoys a modern and customisable reception system
  • The welcome process is completely autonomous
  • Allows visitors to be identified
  • Allows you to plan visits better
  • Record a history of visits

With software designed specifically to support this need, the management of visits is improved. You can enjoy all the benefits and manage visits in a more professional and personalised way.

You will know who has entered or left the building and when they have done so. You can consult the system at any time, and you will no longer have to delegate any of your staff for this function. You can assign it as a complimentary role so it will no longer be mandatory.

Undoubtedly, using visitor access control software is a way to streamline the whole procedure, because with just a few clicks you can solve what can be a recurring problem for many businesses.

Automate and succeed. Find out without obligation about our visitor access control solutions!

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