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The security of staff, sensitive company data, and business premises are a top priority for companies of all types and sizes. That is why using access control equipment makes so much sense in the modern workplace.

An access security system can be defined as any security system that authorises or denies access to your business premises as a whole or in part. You may have physical spaces in your building where you want to allow access from visitors or the public, such as a reception area or a shop floor, but you need to deny their access and movement around other areas.

Bodet access control equipment is a worthwhile investment for so many reasons and is an ideal solution for ease of access for your workforce. Our solution ensures the security of your business premises and helps to protect your employees from unwanted intruders, as well as preventing potential data breaches by controlling who has access to your confidential data.

It helps streamline your day-to-day security, making your staff feel safe in the workplace and helps your company comply with data protection.

Remove the need for physical keys

Our cutting edge access control solution eliminates the risks associated with traditional door keys. The main problem with physical door keys is that they can be easily lost. They can be accidentally dropped when walking around, left behind on a table, stolen or quickly copied, all of which pose major security problems for your organisation.

The inconvenience, time, and expense of changing locks and re-issuing new keys with a key-based system are incredibly frustrating. Often, keys and locks are not replaced until after an event when the damage of losing a key has already been done.


Remove the need for physical keys


A physical key getting into the wrong hands can cause so much disruption. Whether you need to protect your sensitive company data, cash or valuables kept on your premises, or your physical stock, eliminating any risk to your possessions by getting rid of your physical keys can be a huge worry off your shoulders.

Bodet provides the best access control systems on the market to help protect your staff and business premises. Our cutting edge Access Control Systems can secure all of your doors via biometric or proximity readers to control visitors' access via specially developed Access Control Software.

Our access security solutions can protect against unwanted visitor access, making physical entry, movement control and data theft prevention easy and convenient. They can also include body temperature scanning, limiting access to those within a set temperature range, and room booking, automating the process for booking meeting rooms within your organisation to increase take-up and eliminate confusion.

Control access to multiple locations

Today, many businesses and organisations need to give varying access requirements to different staff in multiple locations. You may be working on confidential R&D projects or new product designs that need to restrict workroom access to only the development team involved.

You may run laboratories or work floors that handle hazardous materials, so you need to grant access to only those staff members with the proper training for health and safety reasons.

Our access control solutions are ideal for controlling access to multiple locations, especially when there are other health and safety protocols in operation in each area. By restricting access, you can avoid many safety, security, and data protection issues, no matter what type of business or organisation you run.

Outstanding user experience

Your access control installer and users will find our software easy to use and understand. Any staff member who wants to access an area with the proper authorisation will gain immediate access without contacting security to have the door unlocked for them, either physically or remotely.


Control access to multiple locations


Everything can be controlled quickly and easily by those administering the access control system. You can choose which staff members can access which areas of your premises and under what conditions.

This means you can specify access to certain buildings, rooms or areas according to job title, name, shift pattern, time of day and more. Bodet's Access Control System uses the latest computer technology, meaning it is fully web, multi-browser and multi-database compliant.

Customisation is key

Being able to customise the self-service experience depending on the employee’s department and their common activities will encourage them to engage. For example, one of your engineers might find themselves frequently having to log the time they spend working on a specific project, and want that as the first visible function in the portal. Someone in your admin team, however, will have no use for this section and don’t need to see it.

When it comes to managers, they will have a different set of requirements, both for their managerial responsibilities and for themselves as an employee. In order to prioritise their workload, they might want to see a list of pending tasks such as attendance declarations and holiday requests requiring authorisation. Again, this all comes down to making it as easy to use as possible.

The benefits of using our access control solution

You will be able to manage multiple access control readers while delivering rapid response times for staff gaining access to these areas.

Here are the main features you will benefit from:

  • Access Control by security level with 3D graphical supervision view
  • Anti-pass-back management (Clocking in/Clocking out or Time-delayed)
  • Door lock management and intruder alarm system
  • Management of a barred list (by the individual or badge number)
  • Management of individuals by authorisation profile
  • Monitoring of events by filters
  • Printout list of those present in the event of a fire alarm (FES)
  • Real time zone population counters

You can access the software using a web browser from any client workstation. To streamline your business security and building access control further, you can combine it with our Time and Attendance Software, where staff access rights are directly inherited from work and absence schedules. This gives you the option of restricting a member of staff from accessing secure business premises unless they are scheduled to work at that time.

Who uses access control equipment?

Any company or organisation that wants to improve yet simplify its security can use our access control solution. Many industries benefit from our access control system, including those working in the healthcare industry that needs to follow strict patient data protection protocols.

Other industries that need to protect untrained staff from accessing chemicals or other hazardous materials kept on the premises can benefit from our access control systems.

The benefits from controlled access are not just limited to giant corporations with hundreds of staff. Even if you run a small or medium-sized business, you can gain from using access control. Our solution is entirely scalable, meaning you can adapt the system to suit the individual needs of your business.

You don't even need to employ your own security team to operate our access control equipment. We have designed all of our systems to be user-friendly, so you can feel confident about using our access control solutions without needing an IT security specialist.

With our cutting-edge solution, you will have complete control over who has access to every entry point in your building. Each door in your premises will only be accessed by authorised users defined by you as the business owner or your security officer.

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs. We can advise you about our access control solutions or any of our other integrated software solutions to help run your business more smoothly and securely.

Speak to our experts now to see how you can gain these benefits through our tailored Access Control Solution

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