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Clocking In

Track Effectively Overtime Control

Keeping good control of overtime can be a complex issue for companies. However, it is necessary. If you want to control it effectively, you need effective, reliable software that allows you to do so. So what options are there?

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Time & Attendance management as a strategic challenge

While there are several different clocking methods in the work environment, not all of them suit the needs of companies.

That's why virtual clocking can be an interesting and effective solution for the recording of working hours.

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Clocking in on behalf of a work colleague can be a cause for dismissal. To avoid reaching this extreme, there are ways ompanies can prevent this type of fraud.

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Biometric access control systems are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve security and onsite safety. These systems can use biological measurements to identify a person and authenticate their identity to allow access to a building or area on your premises.

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Your Clocking In Terminal is an essential tool that your employees use on a daily basis. But is it suitable for your working conditions? Dust, extreme temperatures, water… Your work environment can have a major impact on the efficiency and lifespan of such hardware. How do you choose the most suitable Time & Attendance Terminal for the conditions and installation location? What technical features should you pay attention to when selecting it?

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