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Biometric access control systems are ideal for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve security and onsite safety. These systems can use biological measurements to identify a person and authenticate their identity to allow access to a building or area on your premises.

More recently, companies have been using Biometric Time Clocks & Clocking In Systems, such as the option offered by Bodet, to help boost staff punctuality, and HR to improve their attendance record keeping and management. 

Bodet offers a Fingerprint Biometric System, and facial recognition as part of our clocking-in systems, which are a quick, convenient and efficient way to collect data on employees' working hours, and it rules out the possibility of buddy punching. 

The key advantages of Bodet's Biometric Clocking In System / Fingerprint Reader are: 

  • No more loss or forgetting of badges (so you know badges are clocking in cards / fobs) preventing people from clocking in
  • Removing the need and expense of issuing clocking-in cards or fobs to be used with your Time and Attendance Management system
  • Removing the possibility of employees clocking in for their colleagues

You can choose between different biometric clocking system types: finger scanner attendance facial scanning. These systems integrate with our Time and Attendance Software, making it an easy installation option to quickly improve attendance keeping records and building security.

We only sell our software to work with our hardware and 2 facial recognition terminals made by Suprema called the Face Station 2 and Facelite.

How biometric systems work

Biometrics systems compare an individual's recorded template data against the live information supplied when a staff member applies for authorisation. The data is compared and matched to authenticate identity through a fingerprint or facial scan. 

Each employee will register their fingerprint or facial scan into the system. Then, when an employee comes to work, they hold their hand, finger or face up to the scanner. The biometric system compares the registered  fingerprint or face scan with what is on record and allows access to authorised personnel.

By integrating biometric scanning systems with time and attendance software, you can keep precise attendance records with data on when each member of staff clocks in or out and prevent any other workaround or manipulation of the access control system.

The benefits of using attendance and tracking software

Attendance tracking and biometric Bodet clocking systems have many obvious benefits. Installing these measures will help to reduce or completely eliminate your staff having to wait in long queues to clock in for work.

Your HR department will be able to spend less time and energy counting up and managing employee hours to work out holiday entitlements and other leave, as well as compiling unauthorised staff absentee records. Innovative attendance tracking systems are valuable tools that are very much here to stay.

Biometric attendance tracking solutions offer your business more flexibility and utility than a simple punch clock ever could. As well as managing your employee's attendance records, it can help highlight staffing issues that you can quickly address.

You can simplify your payroll with this system, as your staff will clock in and out digitally. There will be no need to rely on an outdated paper-based system or the need to spend precious time reviewing individual employee's attendance records to work out what annual leave they have spent or what is left to use up. It makes calculations simple when factoring in overtime, holiday pay, sick pay and maternity leave. 

It is a system that helps to maintain transparency in your workplace, and because it is an autonomous system, it will require minimal time and attention from your HR team to operate and manage. Your HR team will know at a glance who is present or absent, what sick time they have taken and what holiday entitlement they have left.

What are the main features of Bodet's Biometric Time Clocks & Clocking In Systems?

Bodet offers a reliable biometric clocking-in system that will collect employees working hours, eliminates the issue of buddy punching, and removes the need for and costs of producing and supplying your staff with clocking-in cards or fobs that can be easily lost, forgotten or damaged.

Bodet provides different kinds of biometric clocking in Time and Attendance Systems: finger scanner attendance or face scanning. You can choose whichever system is the most convenient for your business.

Our team at Bodet can offer you free advice about our systems and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We can take a few details about your business and offer you a free, no-obligation quote and carry out a site visit. We provide comprehensive customer support to help you get the most from your biometric time and attendance system.

Bodet's Biometric Clocking In Terminals Range

We offer an intelligent fingerprint reader clocking-in system that will take a real-time impression of a fingerprint pattern. Your staff member will place a finger on the scanning terminal, and a sensor will capture the fingerprint and compare it against their stored profile. Once authenticated, the data is sent automatically to the Time and Attendance Software to be recorded immediately.

Bodet's biometric scanning solution does not store biometric fingerprints. This approach ensures GDPR compliance.

We also offer a Facial Recognition Clocking In System that uses biometric facial scanning. The FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal provides quick and accurate contactless facial recognition scanning.

This scanning terminal is set with a wide scanning angle and works excellently in all indoor lighting conditions. This system offers a valuable alternative to fingerprint scanning where staff may have dirty hands, use protective gloves or carry bulky tools and equipment that is inconvenient to put down for fingerprint scanning. 

Depending on your business type and the environments you operate, one biometric option may be more suitable than the other. We encourage you to discuss your needs with our team at Bodet to ensure you choose the right biometric  Time & Attendance Solution.

As well as Biometric Clocking In, Bodet also offers the following Clocking In options: Proximity Badges, Facial Recognition Clocking In, Smartphone, Virtual Clocking In.

Contact us at Bodet to discuss your biometric access and attendance tracking needs

Our friendly team are here to help!

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