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Time & Attendance management as a strategic challenge

While there are several different clocking methods in the work environment, not all of them suit the needs of companies.

That's why virtual clocking can be an interesting and effective solution for the recording of working hours.


Technological developments have led to new methods of time recording, going well beyond the classic clocking machines.

A virtual clocking terminal is a tool that digitises time control. It is an accessible, user-friendly and effective method that complies with all the legal requirements.

The use of virtual clocking terminals represents the digitisation of the company, providing a series of benefits.

Regulations establish that it is the company's responsibility to provide a recording method that can be used by all employees.


The implementation of a virtual clocking tool entails the following improvements and advantages:

  • Records are stored in the cloud. Virtual clocking terminals save all clocking information in the cloud, meaning that it is always available for consultation.

This prevents the possible loss of data and minimises errors.

  • Available to both on-site and remote workers. As we all know, since the events of the pandemic, many workplaces have implemented working from home or hybrid working.

Conventional clocking methods require the person's actual attendance on the premises. By contrast, virtual clocking uses digital devices to record working hours.

In other words, time recording can be performed on a personal mobile phone.

Virtual clocking is the ideal option for companies with a large staff of remote workers or employees who only work at the office two or three times a week.

  • It can be used to record breaks during the working day. A virtual clocking system can also record breaks or rest periods.

Thanks to the fact that the digital tool can be accessed on a mobile phone or through the website, working hours and breaks can be recorded in a few simple clicks.

  • No time is lost during clocking. The fact that working hours can be recorded from any device saves time. No more long queues at time clocks or other devices installed at the entrance to the company.

Virtual clocking does not significantly interrupt working time. This allows employees to be more productive during their working hours.

  • Available for labour inspections. A big fear surrounding labour inspections is failure to comply with the recording of staff working hours.

In this respect, virtual clocking terminals comply with the criteria of reliability, objectivity and accessibility outlined by the regulation.

Virtual clocking terminals store the data on secure servers, providing access to them at any time.


A virtual clocking terminal allows employees to record their hours directly from their personal workstation.

Thanks to this tool, workers can record their start and finish times, their business leave, their breaks, their activities, declare their hours retroactively, access their detailed personal results, etc.

A virtual clocking terminal is installed directly on the computer. It is a unique platform for all employees and does not require the use of badges.

The terminal interface is intuitive and easy to use. Furthermore, it can be used on touchscreen terminals or smartphones.


For companies with employees who work outside the office, virtual clocking enables them to record their working hours from their smartphone or tablet.

This tool allows employees to clock in or out in real time and to keep a record of the hours dedicated to work-related activities.

It also makes it possible to manage employee leave and consult their working hours balance at any time.

Virtual clocking on a tablet or smartphone is a reliable method of recording working hours.

Furthermore, as all employees will have access to the same functions, they will all be treated equally, promoting equity within the company.

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