Simplify your HR management with Kelio Visio – the networked clocking terminal

Forget about conventional clocking terminals. Kelio Visio offers a modern innovative solution for time clocking that optimises your time management!

This networked touchscreen clocking terminal can be used for a wide range of tasks, from time and attendance management, activity monitoring, leave requests, account and planning consultation, to employee surveys and messaging!

But it can do even more. It can also be used to control access to your buildings or to manage your visitors!

You can customise it according to your requirements and offer your employees an outstanding user experience!

So how does a networked clocking terminal improve working time management?

So how does a networked clocking terminal improve working time management?

The award-winning Kelio Visio networked touchscreen clocking terminal is a solution for simplified and secure time clocking.

Using RFID badges, a digital badge on a smartphone or fingerprint recognition, this terminal records your employees’ entries/exits. But that’s not all it can do! It also allows you to:

  • Record working times,
  • Record activity times (several activities can be set up),
  • Record work breaks,
  • Record business leave,
  • Manage clocking allowances,
  • Record the attendance of managers on a fixed rate without a timestamp,
  • Account for overtime, etc.

Kelio Visio networked clocking terminal

The Kelio Visio touchscreen clocking terminal has a large screen with an HR portal which allows employees to:

  • Check clockings,
  • Consult personal accounts for: balance, overtime, leave, etc.

Kelio Visio connects in real time to the Kelio time and attendance software. This automatically calculates attendance time, actual working times, conditioned bonuses and all other variables and sends them to your payroll software.

The data is reliable and eliminates manual data entry and calculations or reprocessing.


A state-of-the-art employee clocking terminal that simplifies HR management

Whether it’s submitting a leave request, consulting a balance, or finding out when meal vouchers are issued, there are many time-consuming tasks for HR and employees. The Kelio Visio terminals make it all so simple!

With the multifunctional Kelio Visio clocking terminals, it’s so easy for your employees to:

  • Make a leave or absence request,
  • Consult updated plans in real time,
  • Give explanations for an irregular clocking,
  • Transfer hours to another account,
  • Communicate and stay informed using the secure internal messaging system,
  • Enhance the quality of life at work: via survey applications, suggestions box, etc.

This clocking terminal not only gives your employees much more autonomy but also peace of mind. As a networked solution, it offers staff members without a computer or smartphone at work a pragmatic option for managing their HR processes, ensuring fair treatment for all within your organisation!

Kelio Visio speeds up HR processes and makes internal communication easier for everyone!


Customise Kelio Visio to meet your organisation’s requirements

Customise Kelio Visio to meet your organisation’s requirements

Just like a smartphone, our clocking terminals can be customised by adding apps to configure it to meet the particular requirements of your organisation.

There are a range of apps available, including:

  • Suggestions box, Activity clocking with customisable tiles (activity type, quantity completed, note entry, etc.)
  • Account and balance display
  • Internal messaging
  • Surveys (check the current mood, check whether certain information has been understood by everyone, etc.)
  • Distribution of documents
Customise the Kelio Visio clocking terminal in the colours of your organisation

Your clocking terminal can be customised in your organisation’s colours, and you can use specific colours depending on your requirements (red for one area, green for another, etc.) or key periods in the year (Christmas, internal milestones, etc.).

You can also vary the features of your Kelio Visio clocking terminal as your priorities change!

*The apps are set up within the Kelio software


Modernise the image of your organisation with the Kelio Visio clocking terminal, made in France

Modernise your organisation’s image with the Kelio Visio clocking terminal.

The Kelio Visio clocking terminal revolutionises clocking within organisations with its multitude of customisation options and its revolutionary design.

Designed and manufactured in France it features a large, 7-inch touchscreen that is intuitive and fun to use.

Kelio Visio lets you facilitate time clocking, HR communication and employee interactions.
Provide an exceptional user experience and modernise the HR processes in your organisation.


A clocking terminal that controls access and security of your premises

A clocking terminal that controls access to and security of your premises

You can use the same badge to access your buildings and perform time clocking, as both processes can be done with a Kelio Visio multifunctional clocking terminal!

This terminal is an access reader that utilises standard, high-security protocols. Users can log in with a MIFARE DESFire™ EV2 badge,  a digital badge on smartphone or by using biometrics.

For access control Kelio Visio offers many features:

With its access control features, Kelio Visio does so much more than just clocking


Technical information

  • Kelio Visio X7 dimensions H290.50 x L147.50 x D100 mm
  • Operating temperature from 0°C to 40°C
  • IP20 - For indoor use and in light industrial environments
  • Colour touchscreen monitor, 4 or 7-inch
  • Colour camera
  • Dry contact alarm input (FES)
  • Multifunctional - Time clocking, access reader, messaging, online requests, information and document consultation, etc.
  • Ethernet IP connection (optional Wi-Fi or GSM)
  • Optional Wi-Fi, GSM
  • Power supply: Internal mains power supply, 12VDC/24VDC external power supply, PoE+ internal power supply
  • Internal battery with an autonomy of 2 hours - In the event of a power cut
  • Internal switching relay
  • RFID (MIFARE DESFire™, Bluetooth/NFC, Electronic Marin, iClass) badge reader
  • Biometric identification – fingerprint reader
Kelio Visio biometric clocking terminal dimensions

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