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Worldwide Employee Engagement is getting worse

Employee Engagement with Bodet

Despite 48% of business leaders saying it’s an important priority, there’s been a decline in Employee Engagement

TINYPulse, an employee engagement solutions provider, have released their 2017 Employee Engagement Report, The Broken Bridges of the Workplace.

This report has collated survey responses from 1,000 international organisations. It suggests that not only are global workplaces not getting any closer to improving Employee Engagement efforts, they’re actually moving in the wrong direction.Employee Engagement Report


The report identifies major employee engagement factors, starting with highlighting interpersonal relationships, culture and work environments. Only 24% of employees feel connected to their peers, 11% down on last year.  Many of those surveyed suggested team building could be improved upon.


Employee recognition is also down. Only 1 in 4 feel valued, 16% worse than 2016. Here, TINYPulse recommend empowering employees to recognise the efforts of their colleagues.


Only 25% of staff feel management is transparent. This could be helped by making sure promotion and career paths are made clear during discussions with staff. We’ve already mentioned that Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a major factor of employee engagement.


79% of employees think their organisation’s performance review process is substandard. The suggestion here is to tell staff how to proceed on their career paths, and provide feedback on whether staff are performing well and how they can improve. This is best achieved in the format of regular 1:1 meetings between employees and management.


Bodet’s modern Time & Attendance Systems can assist with your Employee Engagement efforts, though factors such as flexible working, staff empowerment, communication, fairness, wellbeing and CPD. Our state-of-the-art clocking in terminals, such as the Kelio Visio X7, benefit the terminal user as much as HR managers.


For more information on how our solutions can be tailored for the specific workforce management and employee engagement needs of your organisation, please contact us.



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