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Workforce Employee Engagement - Workforce Management News

Workforce Management News Poor UK Employee Engagement

Results of latest Gallup State of the Global Workplace Survey show 11% employee engagement rate in Western Europe

The latest State of the Global Workplace Survey provides information on employee engagement and mental health in the workplace specifically examining the effects of the coronavirus pandemic last year.

The 2021 report contains both global and regional results. Looking worldwide, 80% of staff are either not engaged, or actively disengaged at work. This costs the global economy approximately £5.8 trillion annually in lost productivity. Gallup warns that deteriorating levels of employee mental health across the world are likely only to get worse, and highlights its measurement as critical.


In the UK and Western Europe, as might be expected following 2020, the employee engagement rate is only 11%. In fact, the region has the lowest regional percentage of engaged employees in the world, with the global engagement rate being 20%. However, 55% of respondents in Western Europe describe themselves as ‘thriving’, compared to only 32% internationally.


Gallup defines employee engagement as “the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in their work and workplace”. It states that “business units with high employee engagement achieve higher productivity, higher customer loyalty/engagement, better safety, lower turnover and higher profitability, among other positive business outcomes”.


Workforce Management News Low UK Employee Engagement


Bodet supports your employee engagement strategy through its Time & Attendance Solutions in a number of different ways. Communication is increased throughout your organisation with the ability to send and receive messages through our PC software and our Kelio Visio Smart Terminals. You can also post company bulletins, run company surveys and operate a suggestions box function all directly on the terminal screen.


Our Employee Self Service and Absence Management modules further staff empowerment by enabling employees to participate in workforce management processes, creating their own absence requests and monitoring their own time and attendance. Fairness and organisational integrity are enhanced by maintaining a visible audit trail for both attendance and holiday requests.


Our Absence Management Software assists with staff wellness, giving you the ability to monitor KPIs such as the Bradford Factor. This will enable you to identify absence patterns linked to causes such as stress, then put staff on the correct support path before long-term absence occurs.


To discuss how our Time & Attendance Solutions can help employee engagement in your organisation, please contact us.


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