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Track Staff Working Hours - Workforce Management News

Track Staff Hours with Bodet Time & Attendance Systems

New ECJ ruling means all EU companies must have an “objective, reliable and accessible” method to track time and attendance of workers

Following legal action taken by Spanish labour unions against the local subsidiary of the Deutsche Bank, the European Court of Justice has ruled that the EU working time directive requires all European employers to accurately record the hours worked by their staff.

Initially, the Deutsche Bank was monitoring just overtime hours, in line with Spanish Supreme Court rulings which interpreted local worker rights legislation. However, the ECJ has now ruled in favour of the Spanish unions, stating that all hours worked must be tracked in addition to overtime, to ensure mandatory rest periods are being observed.


A recent article on business news website Bloomberg discusses this new ruling, as well as how its implementation could actually be a boon for both organisations and governments.


The article argues that modern technology means that Time & Attendance Systems have evolved beyond the point of being a simple punch clock. It states that alongside the obvious advantages of having data provided by such a system, like increased productivity, they can now provide many additional benefits to staff, such as flexible working and wellness.


Even leaving the EU, the UK government could still decide to adopt and uphold this regulation. The EU working time directive is currently embedded in UK law; although Brexit may give Parliament the opportunity to amend or repeal it, there are pre-existing examples of recent European legislation which will remain in effect in the UK even after any potential split from the European Union, such as GDPR.


Bodet Time & Attendance Systems To Track Working Hours


Bodet’s modern Time & Attendance Systems will provide full workforce visibility whilst increasing productivity and reducing HR administration within your organisation. Using the very latest technology, such as the Kelio Visio X range of Smart Clocking In Terminals with their unique communications and self-service functions, our solutions benefit your staff as much as managers and HR administrators.


For more information on how our Time & Attendance Systems allow you to track the working time of your employees with total accuracy, or to book a free on-site demonstration, please contact us.



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