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Cost Effective Time Management System Upgrade - Bodet

Timebox New Version 4.3

Bodet Is Pleased to Announce the Release of the Latest Version of Its Timebox Software

Timebox is Bodet's cost-effect Time & Attendance Solution for companies with less than 100 employees. Bodet continue their commitment to improving their solutions with the announcement of the V4.3 software release.

The new Timebox release expands its additional features, including a comments application on the X4 Timebox Terminal which allows additional information to be recorded for unexpected absences.

If you would like more information on Timebox or our other Time & Attendance Solutions, please contact us.

Major Upgrade Announced for Bodet’s Cost-Effective Time Management System

Bodet, the international workforce management specialist, has just launched Timebox 4.3, an enhanced version of its successful time and attendance monitoring solution designed for small and medium organisations employing up to 100 staff.Timebox V4.3

Timebox comes with a choice of clocking in terminals, including the X4 Timebox with a dual reader for both biometric and proximity clocking. It is a sophisticated yet cost effective, all-in-one solution automating staff clocking and providing accurate, real-time information on working time.

As each employee clocks in or out, timings are automatically recorded on a central database stored on the organisation’s central server. By automating the clocking process it not only saves time for employees, but also prevents the abuse and manual errors that often occur with paper-based time sheets. The software generates reports as Excel or CSV files which can be imported into most payroll packages, again saving time for payroll staff and avoiding errors.

As part of Bodet’s ongoing commitment to innovation and improving its existing software and hardware solutions for its customers, Timebox 4.3 now incorporates a specific comment application, which can be displayed as an icon on the screen of the clocking terminal. If the employee is clocking outside the expected window, once they have confirmed their identity, they can click on the icon and select the reason for the unusual clocking from a pre-defined list. This could include medical appointments, changed or extended shifts, or overtime worked. The comments will then be visible within the software when viewing clockings, providing useful management information and reducing HR administration even further.

Another new feature of Timebox 4.3 is the ability to export encrypted staff data to a zip file with a password, which assists with GDPR compliance.

Bodet’s managing director, Richard Manby said, “Timebox is a comprehensive time management system which has been specially designed for companies across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, transport, care homes, call centres and customer service centres. For customers who require more comprehensive workforce management solutions including access control and visitor management functionality, Bodet has developed its Kelio solution.”


Download the complete press release here.

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