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Integrated Time Management System: International Bakers Roll

Bridor Chooses Bodet for Time & Attendance

Bodet would like to welcome Bridor as a new customer of its Modern Time & Attendance Solutions

International bakery business, Bridor Ltd, chose Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminals with Proximity Readers for its new Time & Attendance System with integrated Door Entry.

The Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range encourages staff to clock in with a stylish and intuitive touchscreen, alongside a range of benefits such as communication and self service capabilities. Bodet also provide Access Control Systems which seamlessly link to your Time & Attendance Solutions. This gives you a powerful tool to monitor your workforce and premises using just one central system.

If you would like more information on our Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range or Access Control, please contact us.

International Bakers Roll Out Integrated Time Management and Access System

Bridor Ltd, one of the largest International bakery businesses with a presence in over 90 countries worldwide, has installed a new Time and Attendance system that is integrated with door entry access at their new UK headquarters at Camberley, Surrey.Time & Attendance with the Kelio Visio X7 Terminal

Part of the Groupe Le Duff, Bridor manufactures a range of high quality French-style bakery products for leading hotels and airlines & coffee shops. The UK division has experienced year-on-year growth, and an expanding workforce resulted in the company needing larger premises, so Bridor moved to their new factory and office January 2017.

“We employ over 100 staff, and as the company operates 24/7 over several shifts, it was very time consuming to record staff time attendance using an Excel spreadsheet.” commented Kelly Matthews, HR Assistant at Bridor. “The move to new premises was the spur for us to install an automated time and attendance system. As other subsidiaries in the Groupe Le Duff used a Bodet system, we decided to use the same system for our new factory.”

Bodet installed the award-winning Kelio X7 system, as it not only records clocking in and out using personalised fobs, but also enables employees to interact with the system using the integral touchscreen. Staff can access a range of self-service information including personal messages, reviewing their attendance record and their remaining holiday allocation. They can also use the terminal to request time off or book future holidays, which has eliminated the need to fill in and process paper request forms. Kelio software is modular so the system is scaleable and additional functionality can be added as the business grows.

Integrated Access Control Systems“We now don’t have to fill in manual time sheets which not only saves a huge amount of time but it also ensures the data is accurate” added Matthews. “The system generates attendance reports automatically which we can edit quickly and easily. As the reports are generated in real time, we can see immediately if there are any absences, so we can arrange additional cover to ensure effective manning levels are maintained and production targets are met. Management teams now have accurate real time data for performance management at every level and can identify trends at an early stage.”

Bodet also installed a fully computerised door access control system throughout the building that is integrated with the Kelio time and attendance system.

“Entry to our old building was simply by a code on the main door, a different code leading to the production area, and different codes leading to all other areas in the building, which was a lot of codes to remember,” said Matthews.  “With the new system all employees can open the main door at any time using their personal fob. However, the key internal doors in the office and production areas are fitted with programmed readers so once in the building, employees can only access areas for which they are authorised.”

Bodet’s managing director, Richard Manby added, “Bridor’s experience underlines the benefits of having an integrated time and attendance and door entry system. Each staff member has just a single key fob which allows them both to clock in and out and access their areas of work. It also provides the management teams with real time information of who is on site at any time, and accurate attendance data for the payroll teams.”

Download the complete press release here.

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