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Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance System

Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance System

Getting rid of paper timesheets will reduce administration and assist your employees

Paper timesheets and holiday request forms are still used in many companies today. Maybe some organisations think they just don’t have the time to consider a new system, or have used these legacy procedures for so long, they haven’t even considered changing. Either way, there has never been a better time to switch to using a Time & Attendance System to calculate working hours and annual leave.

As an HR department, there are myriad ways in which ridding yourself of paper timesheets can provide huge benefits. Firstly, there’s the substantial time saving aspect of not having to manually process time sheets. Errors can also occur during this stage, as well as other problems such as trying to read handwriting. A Time & Attendance System removes this whole step, eliminating the possibility of mistakes.


Timesheets are a physical item, and as such susceptible to getting lost or misplaced. This means staff run the risk of not being paid on time, and perhaps having to recollect hours worked long after the fact. The approaching deadline for salaries can also cause another problem, being inundated with everyone’s timesheets at once, making processing even more difficult. A Time & Attendance System prevents any recorded working hours going astray, and avoids a last minute deluge of paperwork to process.


From an employee’s point of view, abolishing paper timesheets is also a positive thing. They will no longer have to remember to fill them out every week or month, and risk delayed payment if they miss a cut-off point. They also don’t have to remember the hours they’ve worked in retrospect, and can even monitor their own hours directly on the touchscreen of our Kelio Visio Smart Terminals.


Eliminate Paper Timesheets with a Time & Attendance Solution


Modern Time & Attendance Systems are also able to deal with Absence Management, and therefore eliminate paper holiday request forms too; employees can now make holiday requests on touchscreen terminals as they clock in. In some instances, HR can be removed from much of the process, since requests can now go directly to the relevant authorising manager. With our Staff Planning software, they will even be able to see if that absence still allows any mandated staff skill requirements (such as health and safety) to be met. Our interactive clocking in terminals allow staff to see their remaining holiday balances on-screen, so they will no longer have to contact HR for this purpose. 


With all of these on-going benefits, it’s easy to see how using a modern Time & Attendance Solution to eliminate paper timesheets can improve your HR practices, even if it’s something you have never considered before. By reducing administration, it allows you to focus more on strategic HR rather than transactional HR.


If you would like a free demonstration to see how our Time & Attendance Systems can help with the specific requirements of your organisation, please contact us and we would be happy to visit you.



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