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Kellogs flexible working. Kelloggs Promotes Flexible Working

Time & Attendance and Flexible Working

Food manufacturer allows staff to finish work early on Fridays to create better work-life balance and increase productivity

Kellogg’s 420 staff at their head office in Salford are being offered the chance to finish work at noon every Friday, under their ‘summer hours scheme’.

The scheme, which starts this week and runs until September, creates a flexible working opportunity for workers to extend their weekend, if they have completed their contracted hours. Although the same number of hours are worked, this provides a corresponding boost in productivity.


Sue Platt, Kellogg’s UK human resources director, said "Flexible working is something we take very seriously at Kellogg's and we encourage all our UK office-based employees to make the most of the summer hours scheme.


“Research shows people who feel they have a good work-life balance work 21% harder than those who don't. Summer hours is part of a package we offer to ensure we provide work-life balance opportunities to all employees."


We have spoken recently about the scientifically-proven health benefits of flexible working.


Flexible Working Benefits With Time & Attendance


A Time and Attendance System allows you to offer any kind of flexible working practice without any additional strain on HR administration. The kind of scheme described above is often referred to as flexible hours. This can involve staff working a total number of hours across the whole week at any time, or working a set number of hours whilst maintaining core hours if you need to ensure certain business-critical staff are available. Either way, you will have full visibility on staff attendance, and can receive automated alerts if employees haven’t hit their agreed attendance targets.


With our Kelio Visio Terminal range and Employee Self Service software module, staff can actually see the number of hours they have worked on the terminal screen as they clock in. This boosts staff empowerment and allows employees to take ownership of their own attendance levels.


If you would like a free demonstration to see how our Time & Attendance Solutions can help with your flexible working requirements, please contact us and we would be happy to arrange it.



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