Time & Attendance Software as a Service

Access your Time & Attendance information 24/7 In The Cloud

Kelio can offer its Time and Attendance Software as a Service called Kelio on Demand Express. It provides 24/7 access to Time and Attendance Software from any devices via the internet.


Kelio’s Cloud Time & Attendance Solutions

A growing number of organisations are making the switch to the cloud for critical business functions, improving processes and making it easier for employees to do their job. Considering how fundamental a Time & Attendance System is to the daily working lives of your staff, Kelio’s Cloud Time & Attendance Solution offers a strong range of benefits:

  • Access through any device with an internet connection at any time.
  • Secure hosting at state-of-the-art tier 3 data centres with ISO 27001 certification.
  • Benefits both managers and employees with functions such as absence management, employee self-service and staff planning.
  • Ability to quickly scale your solution to new business requirements such as extra staff or new functionality.
  • Includes access to the latest software version and ongoing software support.


The rise of flexible working has changed the nature of the workforce, both in terms of working hours and location. Your Workforce Management Solution needs to reflect these changes, otherwise you risk ending up with a solution not fit for purpose.

The advent of cloud technology means that you no longer need to be tied to your desk to access your Time & Attendance Software. A device with an internet connection is all that’s required, whether it’s a PC, tablet or smartphone. Now both staff and managers can have full confidence accessing Workforce Management functionality outside of the office, with absence management, staff planning and employee self-service available on the move. You can also use the system at any time; you are no longer limited to just office hours should you want to check overtime when working late, consult staff rotas on a nightshift, or book time off during the weekend.




As the complexity of cyberattacks increases, so does the difficulty in guaranteeing an internal IT department has the specialised skills to prevent them succeeding, not to mention the cost involved. This is particularly relevant for Time & Attendance Systems and the data they use, which under GDPR is classed as being of a particularly sensitive nature. Since you are responsible for its storage, there are potentially huge implications should this data ever be compromised.

Kelio’s SaaS Time & Attendance System removes this burden from your organisation, since data storage is now handled externally. For ultimate peace of mind, our tier 3 data centres are state of the art and come with ISO 27001 certification. Not only does this equate to on-hand expert professionals with substantial resources, it also provides a commitment to continually monitor and improve security management.

HR Agility and Flexibility

HR Agility and Flexibility

Organisations evolve over time, and with these changes come fluctuating staff numbers, and new requirements for Time & Attendance functionality. Such on-premise solutions can be very difficult for internal IT departments to manage, since they are perpetually trying to anticipate the level of server resources required despite shifting demands.

Since Kelio’s Cloud Time & Attendance System takes the form of a subscription, it is easy to alter your requirements for staff capacity and functionality, even with rapid or seasonal staff fluctuations. You are now free to make all of these decisions without the need to consider any implications for your own internal IT resources. To further add to the flexibility of our cloud solution, we also offer a range of purchase terms for hardware, from monthly rental, to outright purchase and lease agreements.

Software and Support

Software and Support

Effective Workforce Management Solutions need to match workforce trends, which can emerge and develop rapidly. To ensure workforce visibility and productivity is maintained in spite of changing conditions, it is critical that a Time & Attendance System receives updates, and that you have access to the latest version.

As part of Kelio’s SaaS Time & Attendance Solution, you receive free upgrades to the latest software version. Kelio develop their own software in-house, and are constantly evolving their solution in line with new workforce trends. As such, updates typically include improvements to the user experience, new functionality which expands the scope of the solution, and security updates. Another benefit is software support for the duration of your contract, providing fast and highly secure remote assistance from our highly trained in-house support team.


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