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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Factors and how a Time & Attendance Solution can support them

Kelio’s modern Time & Attendance Solutions are uniquely placed to support the main factors of Employee Engagement, in addition to increasing productivity and reducing administration.


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Flexible Working

Flexible working directly drives engagement, offering staff the freedom to work hours of their own choosing, either in the office or at home. It allows management to demonstrate trust in their staff to proceed with their work responsibilities, boosting engagement further.

The additional strain on HR administration can often be a hurdle for organisations when considering offering flexible working. Kelio’s Time & Attendance Solutions allow even complex flexible working practices such as flexitime patterns with core hours, all without extra HR workload.


Staff Empowerment & Employee Self Service

Employee Empowerment creates a workforce more invested in your organisation and its values, by giving them additional control and responsibilities.

A combination of Kelio’s Employee Self Service and Absence Management software modules enable staff to participate in the absence management process, creating their own absence requests and monitoring their time and attendance. HR administration is reduced whilst losing none of the control.



It’s critical to communicate your strategic narrative to your employees, so they can embody your organisational goals and values. Your staff also need to know how their efforts fit into the bigger picture, as well as being able to receive targeted praise.

Kelio’s Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal offers a unique communications capability, with a terminal screen capable of displaying both global company bulletins and personal messages. This allows you to keep your staff up-to-date with company news and internal messaging without the need for additional hardware such as smartphones or PCs.



Organisational integrity is a powerful factor of engagement, where company policy is visibly adhered to by all levels of employees.

Kelio’s Time & Attendance Solutions maintain a visible audit trail, demonstrating that both management and staff have to comply with timekeeping, and holiday requests honoured on a first-come, first-served basis.



Considering the wellbeing of your employees shows that they are valued, and helps them consistently perform at their highest level by maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Using Kelio’s Absence Management Software, attendance patterns can be calculated and monitored using KPI indicators such as the Bradford Factor, so staff can be properly supported to avoid instances of long term sickness. Other attendance issues such as over-engagement can also be detected.


CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

If employees feel well-equipped to perform their work responsibilities, their engagement levels increase. Demonstrating an investment in them through training also has the same effect.

With Kelio’s Time & Attendance software modules you can attach HR documents and add training notes to a staff record, create reminders for HR events such as appraisals and maintain a record of time spend on activities such as training or secondment.

Why is Employee Engagement important?

Increase Productivity

Engaged employees put in greater effort to help your organisation achieve its goals, are more creative, take less time off with sickness leave and are more customer-focused.

Attract and Retain Talented Staff

Specialist employees with industry critical skills are much more likely to stay within an organisation that demonstrates an active Employee Engagement strategy. This is also more likely to attract valuable candidates when it comes to recruitment.


When engagement levels drop drastically, employees will eventually become ‘actively disengaged’. This means that they are proactively working against the goals of their organisation from within, damaging the efforts of the rest of your workforce.


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