New laws for HR in 2024

From April 2024, the government have announced a change to holiday pay for employees that work irregular hours, including zero-hour contracts and part time workers. The new law states that annual leave will be able to be calculated at a rate of 12.07% of the hours worked.

Currently, rolled-up holiday pay, whereby employees add an amount to the staff’s hourly pay rate to represent holiday entitlement, is banned as it is seen to discourage employees from taking leave. However, in the new law for 2024, rolled-up holiday pay will be allowed for those who work part-time, irregular hours and for some agency workers, with a maximum of 28 days holiday entitlement. Ensuring employers comply with these laws means that workers are treated fairly and with the right pay.

To ensure that hours worked and pay are calculated accurately, Kelio’s workforce management system incorporates a Payroll module that extracts all of the required data from the Time and Attendance software to calculate the right hours and rates of annual leave. This saves HR management time, reduces errors and ensures accuracy.

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New laws for HR in 2024


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