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Staff Absence Statistics Soaring During Omicron Wave

UK economic cost of Omicron absences estimated at £35 billion, but Bodet’s Time & Attendance Systems can help your organisation lessen the impact of staff absences

With a rise in employee absences across the UK due to the Omicron variant, new research conducted by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) puts the cost to the British economy at £35 billion. Although workforce absences always affect a business, Bodet can help with ways to lessen the impact through maintaining productivity, reducing HR administration and increasing staff safety.

Although some employees may phone in sick, some might not be well enough to do so, and it is critically important to the operation of your business that you are aware of any staff shortages. With Bodet’s Time & Attendance System, when a staff member fails to clock in within their start time window, an automatic notification is sent to an assigned manager. This immediately informs them, enabling you to resolve the issue and minimise the effect on business performance.


Not only does our Time & Attendance Solution provide you with a full real-time view of workforce visibility, it also keeps a historic record of hours worked. This can be very important, particularly when it comes to running payroll. Our Payroll Interface produces an export for your payroll system, so that you know every worker will be paid for the correct amount of hours. Using this method reduces HR administration and eliminates errors, particularly in a period with increased absence.


By combining our Absence Management and Employee Self Service modules, you can define your own leave categories, and enable your staff to attach a photograph to each instance, or even make it mandatory. For example, you can set up a specific type of absence for coronavirus, and require employees to upload a photograph of their positive test results for that leave type. You could also set up a business leave category so that when workers request it, they must upload evidence of a negative test result before they go out and visit clients. Whatever your requirements, our solution can be customised to support your organisation and increase safety.



During the Omicron wave, you might be enabling your employees to work from home either full time or part time with hybrid working. Bodet’s Time & Attendance System creates an authorisation process to request home working, which can be customised to adhere to your organisation’s internal rules whilst still ensuring fairness. Once a manager has approved a homeworking shift, the worker will be automatically notified via email.


Homeworking shifts are clearly differentiated on staff planning schedules so that you know who’s working both on-site and remotely. This is especially useful if you are trying to manage a maximum number of employees working in an office at one time. These are just some of the ways we can help you manage a remote workforce and offer flexible working whilst maintaining workforce visibility.


To find out more ways that we can help you lessen the impact of staff absences on your business, please contact us.


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