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Clocking Terminal: Visibility Even In Extreme Conditions

Kelio Xtrem clocking in Terminal

The durable Kelio Xtrem Clocking In Terminal is designed and manufactured by Bodet to provide even more flexibility

Bodet is proud to announce the release of its new Kelio Xtrem Clocking In Terminal, which is shockproof, resistant to the elements, and able to operate without a network connection.

Kelio Xtrem will join the existing range of modern and intuitive Clocking In Systems created by Bodet, providing our customers with even more options to record clocking data, increase workforce visibility and boost productivity.

If you would like more information about our range of Clocking In Systems, please contact us.

New Clocking Terminal Ensures Employee Visibility Even Under Extreme Working Conditions

A new robust clocking in terminal has just been launched by international time management specialists Bodet Ltd. Shockproof and resistant to rain, dust, heat and cold, Kelio Xtrem has been designed to enable employees to clock in on site, even when severe weather conditions and extreme locations prevail.Bodet Kelio Xtrem Durable Clocking In Terminal

With the dramatic increase in remote and flexible working, employee visibility is more of a challenge for employers, especially as the workforce resume normality. Employee attendance data is essential, not only for accurate payroll, but to identify those at risk should a member of staff test positive for Covid-19.

This new versatile clocking terminal is ideal for use in industries such as construction, agriculture, cold storage (to -15oC) and high temperature (to +50oC) manufacturing where harsh working environments preclude the use of standard attendance recording equipment. It can also function as an access control reader where entry restriction is applicable. Clocking options include PIN code, card and fob proximity, or biometric fingerprint readers.

Kelio Xtrem Clocking TerminalThe data can be sent directly to a central server though an existing wireless or wired network providing real-time attendance results and workforce visibility. For rural or isolated environments that do not have direct or Wi-Fi access to networks, a standalone option utilises the terminal’s USB port. Data can be downloaded to a flash drive and then synchronised to the core software via a PC or laptop.

The software uses the data to generate standard or customisable staff attendance reports for HR, payroll and operational management. There is also a safety benefit with the system as it provides an accurate record of all employees on site should an emergency situation arise.

Richard Manby, Bodet’s managing director commented, “With recent changes in workforce demographics and increase in casual workers, especially in industries such as construction, we became aware of the need for robust clocking terminals that can operate in adverse conditions. The development of Kelio Xtrem means that employers can now collect accurate attendance data from all locations irrespective of remoteness or extreme weather conditions”.

Download the complete press release here.

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