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Kelio Body Temperature Scanner & Access Control System

Bodet Access Control & Body Temperature Scanner

Coronavirus Staff Body Temperature Scan to increase safety for your workforce

Early detection is an important part of reducing the spread of coronavirus. The Bodet SmartXcan terminal provides an accurate body temperature measurement, and through connection to Bodet’s Kelio Access Control System, workplace access can be restricted to those within safe temperature ranges.

As staff return to work, it is critical as an employer to do all you can to prevent any infected employees transmitting coronavirus to other workers. Fever detection is a very useful screening tool for such viruses. According to current medical advice, fever is by far the most frequent initial symptom, presenting even at low viral loads.


The Bodet SmartXcan is a safe, intuitive and quick method of providing employee body temperature scans. Using a contactless scan of multiple points over the eyes and forehead, it measures a user’s temperature in less than one second, accurate to plus or minus 0.3C. With clear visual instructions displayed on the terminal, the whole process is easy and fully automated, with both an audible and visual colour-coded indicator of results upon scan completion. The terminal itself features easy installation and connection to your existing Bodet system by our trained technicians.

Bodet Temperature Scanner & Bodet Access Control

With our Kelio Access Control System, you have the option of linking the Bodet SmartXcan to your access management process. This means you can control access for staff so they can only enter your premises if their body temperature measurement is within a safe range. This increases both safety and security for all your employees at a time when they are a paramount concern.


Should you wish to find out more ways that our Kelio Solutions can assist with workforce management issues caused by coronavirus, please visit our Coronavirus And The Shift In Workforce Management webpage.


For further information about the Bodet SmartXcan terminal and how it can be linked to our Kelio Access Control System, please contact us.


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