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Fragmented Workforce Management: Workforce Management News

Workforce Management News Manage a Fragmented Workforce

Maintain workforce visibility and productivity by solving staff management challenges caused by Coronavirus

As more staff return to work in varying circumstances during the Coronavirus outbreak, you might be finding it difficult to manage an increasingly fragmented workforce at a time when productivity is crucial.

In order to keep their employees safe and adhere to regulations, organisations are examining a number of different staffing solutions. Although many are still working at home, some companies will be looking at a certain number of staff returning to physical places of work, where social distancing can be maintained. It’s possible some will adopt techniques such as splitting staff into different shifts to reduce the overall number of employees in an area at one time. Others will be looking at bringing back furloughed workers part time, which can now be done from 1st July.


All of this means that some organisations, for the very first time, will have to manage a workforce split over multiple locations, working new hours and shifts. Considering that some industries require set levels of staff with specific skills or accreditations for key processes to take place, this could be a very daunting prospect with many pitfalls hampering both productivity and profit.


Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solution allows you to maintain full visibility across your workforce whatever its location, by utilising a range of clocking in methods such as terminals, smart phones and PCs. All staff data is centralised on one database, whether it's hosted in the cloud or on a physical server, giving you a real time view of your staffing situation. New shifts can easily be created within our own in-house designed software, with automated alerts set up for any clocking anomalies. Should you require staff with certain skills for shifts, our Staff Planning Software Module allows you to input these requirements to ensure they are met as you plan future shifts.


Managing a Fragmented Workforce


Our Time & Attendance Systems are also entirely modular, so you need only purchase the clocking in methods and software modules you require now, and expand them as your company size and functionality requirements increase. They also offer benefits far beyond a simple clocking in system, such as increased staff communication and engagement.


For a free online demo to see how Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions can be used to manage your staff and ensure full workforce visibility, please contact us.


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