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Care Home Time Attendance Solutions: Better Time management

Mortimer Society Bodet Time Attendance Systems for Care Homes

Residential Care Home in Kent improve efficiency and reduce costs with Bodet's Time & Attendance System

The Mortimer Society were facing similar problems to many organisations in the care sector, such as the workload and inaccuracies associated with processing paper time sheets, and the requirement of accurate data for staff planning. They chose Bodet's Time & Attendance Solution with Kelio Pro software and Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminals.

Bodet's Time & Attendance Solution for care homes is a modular system, both in terms of staff capacity and functionality, designed to aid employees as well as increasing workforce visibility and eliminating paper time sheets. Benefits include staff rotas with holiday and sickness planning, handover and late arrivals with sleepover management, multi care homes clocking with a mobile clocking option, and the ability to handle day, night and weekend hours.

If you would like more information on our Time & Attendance Systems for the care sector, please contact us.

Better Time for Management & Staff at Care Home

A Kent-based residential care home has improved efficiency, reduced wage costs and saved staff and management time following the installation of an interactive, biometric time and attendance system.Time & Attendance Solutions for Care Homes Mortimer Society

The Mortimer Society is a charitable organisation providing quality and safe residential care for adults in need as a result of physical, neurological or learning disabilities. The Society employs 130 contracted and agency carers to provide practical support to enhance the quality of life for the 55 adults residing at their two residential care homes in Kent.

Melanie Turner, HR manager for The Mortimer Society commented, “Historically, all contracted and agency staff recorded their own attendance on paper forms. This not only took each carer time to complete but was prone to inaccuracies. As a result, reports required checking with managers before submission to the payroll department. The data then had to be entered manually which cost further time and was liable to entry errors.”

Kelio Visio X7 Terminal for Care HomesThe finance department decided an automated time and attendance system would save time, increase accuracy and allow accurate data to be used for future staff planning. After researching, the Mortimer Society selected the Bodet Kelio X7 system. This included an interactive, biometric communication terminal at each site which networked to the modular software on the local server. When staff clock in or out, the terminal identifies them from their fingerprint and time stamps the record which is then stored on the master database in real time. As the terminal is biometric, it overcomes any risk of ‘buddy punching’ or inaccurate time recording, and the accurate data assists management to prepare staff rotas and ensures the accuracy of staff costing reports.

Attendance reports are generated in real time, so management can see immediately if there are any absences and arrange additional cover to ensure effective manning levels are maintained. The software also incorporates a self-service module, which allows staff to review their attendance record and their remaining holiday allocation. They can also use the interactive terminal to request time off or future holidays, which can be reviewed by management in real time, eliminating the need to fill in and process paper request forms.

Turner added, “Having a biometric, automated time recording system has resulted in huge time and cost savings for the Society. It has made staff more aware of punctuality and we know that staffing rotas are maintained so the residents will get the high level of care that they expect from the Mortimer Society.”


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