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Cloud Hosted Time Management for Improved Productivity

Glazing Vision New Time & Attendance Customer

Bodet is proud to announce Glazing Vision as a new customer of its Modern Time & Attendance Solutions

The UK's leading manufacturer of glass rooflights, Glazing Vision, selected Bodet's Time & Attendance System and Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminals with dual biometric and proximity readers.

Bodet's Time and Attendance Systems provide workforce visibility in real time whilst boosting productivity within your organisation. The Kelio Visio Smart Terminal is a stylish and intuitive clocking in terminal, with a customisable range of applications accessible through the touchscreen interface, including communications and self service capabilities.

If you would like more information on our Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range, please contact us.

Leading Rooflight Manufacturer Improves Productivity and Company Culture Thanks to New Cloud-Hosted Time Management System

Glazing Vision, the UK’s leading manufacturer of glass rooflights, has just installed the latest biometric time and attendance system at its Norfolk factory to ensure health and safety compliance, increase productivity, and save time for their HR and payroll staff. Celebrating their 25th anniversary this year, Glazing Vision employs 125 staff at their Diss headquarters.Glazing Vision New Time & Attendance Customer Press Release

“When I joined Glazing Vision, I was surprised that employees still used manual time sheets.” Said HR manager, Mick Placzek. “These are not only time consuming for staff to complete and process, but are open to errors, both in entering accurate times and when transposing the data for payroll. I felt that an automated system would be quicker, far more efficient, and would provide real time data to help supervisors to manage staff rotas effectively. There is a further benefit in respect of health and safety. Having real time reports of who is on site is vital so we can maximise safety for all staff in the event of an emergency.”

After reviewing the alternatives available, Glazing Vision opted for the Kelio Visio system from Bodet as it provided the only terminal allowing staff to clock on using either biometric or personalised fobs. Placzek commented “Biometric was our preferred option as it eliminates ‘buddy punching’ so is more reliable. However, some of the production staff experience issues with glues or cuts from the glass, so fingerprints could be unreliable and in those cases, fobs are an alternative. Some concerns were expressed about the system storing fingerprint records, but Bodet ensured us that their system was completely secure and fully GDPR compliant.” The Kelio software solution does not store biometric fingerprints. During the biometric recording, the fingerprint is analysed in order to extract specific characteristics, which are encrypted in a non-reversible digital format.

Glazing Vision opted for a cloud hosted solution using Bodet’s ‘Software as a Service’ functionality. This avoids any risks and ongoing costs associated with hosting the software on Glazing Vision’s servers, and provides the ability to upgrade to the most recent software version on request. Safety and security are other factors as the cloud-based system is fail-safe, safeguarding the data should there be a major IT system failure or factory fire.

“Now we have a fully operational, automated time and attendance system, it has positively changed the company culture and everybody wins” added Placzek. “Every employee knows that he or she will be paid for all the work they do, including overtime and extra shifts. Management can access accurate real-time data reports on their PC, so they know who is on-site and at their workplace at any time. Should any employees be late or absent, the Kelio software creates alerts so that supervisors can call in extra staff if needed to ensure production rotas are fully manned. The increase in productivity we have gained means the system will pay for itself many times over and help ensure Glazing Vision remains a world class leader in our field.”


Download the complete press release here.

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