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Cloud Time Attendance benefits for Flexible Working

Flexible Working Benefits of Cloud Time & Attendance Systems

In addition to assisting HR, our SaaS Time & Attendance Solutions support remote working by providing access through any internet enabled device

Bodet’s Time & Attendance Systems allow you to offer various types of flexible working, such as remote working, without any additional strain on HR administration or loss of workforce visibility. For remote working to be viable however, staff must have access to all the software and services they require whenever they are out of the office.

With employees able to make statutory requests for flexible working after six months, it is likely you will need to make changes to your organisation to offer remote working. Staff require access to both software and data, whether working locally in your office or remotely offsite, and need to be able to switch between them without detrimental effects. This is especially true for HR Systems where real-time data is crucial.

Not only will Bodet’s Cloud Time & Attendance Systems allow you to offer flexible working without any additional HR administration, they also provide access to the system and data from any internet enabled device. HR managers can get an overview of real time attendance levels, line managers can approve attendance declarations, and production managers can check hours worked against different tasks.


The latest version of our Time & Attendance Software, Kelio V3, allows two way communication without having to exit and run additional messaging software, saving time. Messages can also be sent and received directly from the terminal screen, so staff on site can read and respond to messages sent remotely without needing access to a PC or mobile phone. Should any collaborative meetings need to take place between multiple departments, each can have instant access to the same data and reports with just an internet connection.

SaaS Time Attendance Solutions

These benefits are in addition to freeing you up from hosting the software yourself, saving on the cost of infrastructure and IT resources. Our SaaS Time & Attendance Solutions also provide security with secure data management hosting, alongside free support and upgrades to the latest software version for the duration of your contract.


If you would like a free on-site demonstration so you can see how our Cloud Time & Attendance Solutions can benefit your organisation, please contact us.


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