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Workers Poor Mental Health: Half of UK Workers Suffering

Workplace Management Mental Health At Work

New Workplace Wellbeing Survey by Mind shows poor mental health is a huge problem in the workplace

Mental health charity, Mind, have just published results of a new study revealing that 48% of UK workers have experienced poor mental health in their current job.

The survey contains results from 44,000 workers in the UK. Another worrying aspect highlighted by the report shows that of those experiencing a mental health issue, only half have discussed it with their employer. This suggests that a quarter of workers could be suffering without any support at work.


Further analysis of the results revealed that if managers feel their organisation supports mental health, or provides relevant training, they feel much more confident promoting staff wellbeing. From the perspective of employees, staff were much more likely to discuss their mental health at work if they believed their manager supported them or could spot signs that they were struggling.


Workplace Management Mental Health In The Workplace


To help organisations combat issues of mental health issues in the workplace, Mind have launched a new portal called Mental Health at Work. The portal is designed to be a central resource for both employers and employees to receive information, advice and training to improve wellbeing.


Chief Executive of Mind, Paul Farmer, said “We are really proud to be involved in this piece of work, which offers a one-stop shop for anyone looking to improve mental wellbeing in their workplace and support staff with mental health problems. We know that employers want to do more and are starting to see mental health as a priority, but often don’t know where to start. The new online Mental Health at Work gateway will change that.


“Over the last few years employers have begun to take staff wellbeing more seriously and we know that many are doing great work around mental health in the workplace. Now is the time for a step change in how we think about mental health at work. All employers need to make it a focus and support their staff.


“It’s clear from our research that when employers support their managers properly, it can make a big difference to the whole organisation. The gateway gives managers the tools they need.


“Even small changes to policy, approach and workplace culture can make a really big difference to the mental health of those around us. No matter the size of your workplace, and no matter where you work, Mental Health at Work can help you find what you need to start or continue your journey to better workplace wellbeing for everyone.”


Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions can assist with staff wellbeing through the Absence Management Software Module, allowing you to monitor KPIs, such as the Bradford Factor. This provides the ability to identify absence patterns linked to causes such as stress, and support staff before long-term absence occurs. It also facilitates flexible working, such as annualised hours or flexi-time, without putting any additional strain on HR administration or losing staff visibility.


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