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Great Half Year Results for Bodet Ltd In 2018

Bodet Half Year Success 2018

10% growth across both sides of the company, and a record breaking June make for a fantastic six months for Bodet in the UK

After analysing figures for the first half of 2018, Bodet Ltd is very pleased to report an extremely successful six month period, with a sales growth of 10% over January to June last year.

Traditionally growth is split unevenly between both sides of the company, but we are pleased to announce success in all areas. Sales growth for Time & Attendance was 12%, and 9% for Clock, Lockdown Alert & Bell Systems. Alongside that, June was a record month for the company, reporting sales of over £520k.


It’s likely that this level of success is down to the very strong position Bodet finds itself in with new product releases for both Time & Attendance and Lockdown Alert, Bell & Synchronised Clock Solutions. On the Time & Attendance side of the company, the release of Kelio V3 software has allowed us to offer an even more advanced Workforce Management Solution, which now features additional Staff Planning capabilities.


The expansion of our Harmonys System for Lockdown Alerts, Bell Systems, PA functionality and Synchronised Clocks has contributed to the company’s growth in sales. Harmonys now includes a range of remote alert trigger methods, such as a wireless remote control or the ability to use your mobile phone. A range of applications have also added additional functionality such as being able to record and broadcast a message from a smartphone.


Bodet Factory 2018 Success


Bodet maintains its popularity with both new and existing customers by managing all aspects of its hardware and software in-house, from development, manufacture, installation and support. This gives us unique positioning to respond to customer feedback in a timely fashion, adapt to market trends and ensure we supply the solutions to the specific challenges our target markets are facing.


All of this puts Bodet in a great position for the second half of the year, with high hopes that we can continue this level of success for the next six months. This news also comes after Bodet had a great year in 2017 too.


If you would like further information on our Time & Attendance Solutions or Clock, Lockdown Alert & Bell Systems, please contact us. We would be happy to visit your organisation and see how we can we can tailor our products for your specific requirements.



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