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Interactive Time Attendance: Challs Cleans Up

Challs Use Bodet Time & Attendance Systems

Bodet welcomes Challs as the latest customer to choose its Modern Time & Attendance Solutions

Challs, household cleaning products manufacturer, selected Bodet’s Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminals with Proximity Readers when considering a new Time & Attendance System.

The Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range encourages staff to clock in with a stylish and intuitive touchscreen, and in addition, provides them a range of features such as communication and self service capabilities. This allows terminal users to make holiday requests and monitor their own hours. Bodet’s Time & Attendance Systems enable your HR Department to move away from transactional HR, reducing administration involved with routine tasks such as processing paper timesheets.

If you would like more information on our Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range, please contact us.

Challs Cleans Up with Interactive Time and Attendance System

Challs, the international manufacturer of household cleaning products, has just installed the very latest interactive attendance and workforce management system for their 50 staff. The new system automates time and attendance monitoring, saving time for HR and payroll staff and increasing productivity.

Graham Burchell started Challs in 1990 working from home, out of his front bedroom. Still a family run business, Challs saw rapid year on year growth, and has established itself as one of the leading innovators in the household cleaning product market employing over 50 staff.Challs Using Bodet Kelio Visio X7 Clocking In Terminal“When we first started employing staff, we used a simple paper-based system to record attendance” said Finance Director Marlini Finney. “This worked well, but as the business expanded and the workforce grew, it became more time consuming and quite a burden for the HR and payroll staff. We had considered automating our time and attendance system for some time, but it was the move to our new headquarters which was the spur we needed to actually do something about it.”

Having researched the available systems, Challs decided on Bodet’s Kelio software for its flexibility and ability to export attendance data for payroll software, along with the Kelio Visio X7 terminals for their stylish appearance and ease of use. Kelio is a modular system, so additional functionality such as self-service and staff planning can be added as the business continues to grow.

Finney added, “The Kelio Visio X7 terminals have a biometric option, but as some of the production staff wear protective gloves and clothing we felt this would be impractical. All the staff have their own proximity card which includes a photograph for added security. As the system links with the door entry system, the same cards are used for both clocking in and out and gaining access to different parts of the building. This allows us to employ the system across the whole company from the top down so everybody is treated equally.

Challs & BodetAutomating time and attendance has been a great success for Challs. No-one has to fill in manual time sheets anymore which saves time and ensures the data is accurate. As attendance data can be extracted from the Time & Attendance System for quick and easy import into our payroll software, it removes the need to duplicate data entry and eliminates the risk of manual entry errors.

The software also generates real time staff attendance reports which can be accessed at the press of a button. Current and historic attendance information can then be compared with daily rotas, so managers are immediately aware of any discrepancies and can arrange additional cover if required to ensure effective manning levels. An added bonus is that management teams now have accurate real time data for performance management at every level and can identify trends at an early stage.”

“We are delighted with the Kelio Visio X7 system.” added Finney. “It has been well received by all the staff, saving time and providing valuable management information to help us improve efficiency and grow the business.”

Download the complete press release here.

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