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Employee Experience: UK Ranks Below Average in Europe

Employee Experience and Time Attendance

New report from IBM’s Smarter Workforce Institute and Globoforce’s Work Human Research Institute reveals Employee Experience for UK is 5% below global average

Although Employee Experience is a global concept, a new report shows that not only does the level vary from country to country, the importance of different drivers changes too.

The report, called ‘The Employee Experience Index around the globe: How countries measure up and create human workplaces’ surveyed 22,000 employees across 43 countries.


The UK ranks below average on the index of employee experience at 64%, where the global average is 69%. Even when considering just Europe, the UK still lags slightly behind the average of 65%. Norway and Portugal are the highest European performers, at 74%, but the highest overall rating of 84% was recorded in India.


Six individual drivers for employee experience were rated by their impact on those surveyed. The global results were 27% impact contribution from meaningful work, 17% from empowerment and voice, 16% from feedback, recognition and growth, 16% from co-worker relationships, 15% from organisational trust and 9% from work-life balance.


When it comes specifically to the UK, these factors vary in impact only slightly: 30% from meaningful work, 17% from empowerment and voice, 15% from feedback, recognition and growth, 13% from co-worker relationships, 16% from organisational trust and 9% from work-life balance.

Time & Attendance and Employee Experience

The report suggests comparing your organisational employee experience level to that of your country, rather than the global average, and that these levels should be tracked over time to show trends. When it comes to strategies for increasing meaningful work, it’s recommended that creating deeper links between staff and shareholders could be fostered by ensuring they know how their contribution to the organisation fits into the bigger picture. Other suggestions include using censuses and surveys to identify any opportunities to further empower employees, and increasing communication opportunities to allow peer recognition, boost social connection and ensure all staff are on-board with company values.


Bodet’s Kelio Visio Time & Attendance Terminals offer an additional communications opportunity within your organisation, allowing staff to receive messages and see company-wide bulletins through which company values can be championed. It also enables you to run staff surveys, ensuring feedback is recorded as terminals are used on a daily basis. This is without the cost of having to buy additional hardware or software, such as supplying staff with mobile phones, which could also cause a distraction.


If you would like a demonstration of our modern Time & Attendance Solutions to see how they can be used to increase communication across your organisation, please contact us.


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