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Employer Employee Experience and Time & Attendance Solutions

Employee Experience and Time & Attendance Systems

A new study highlights the importance of Employee Experience to build and maintain a high quality workforce

HR technology supplier, The Access Group, have recently published a new study highlighting the importance of viewing your organisation as a key destination for positive employee experience in order to attract and retain talented staff.

With more mobility in the job market than ever before, and a shift in attitudes showing that 79% of workers value job satisfaction over money as a motivator, employee experience is something that every company needs to consider. The study, titled ‘Your Guide to Becoming a Destination Employer’, emphasises this by highlighting that 51% of organisations cite referrals as one of their top three recruitment channels.


It’s reported that only 15% believe their firm excels at cultivating and monitoring long-term relationships with future talent, and 25% of business leaders think their company is ‘weak’ at understanding emerging skills and potential chasms in workforce capability. This is definitely a shortfall which needs to be addressed.


On the positive side, the advent of new technology gives HR departments more freedom to consider how this can be achieved instead of seeing themselves purely a provider of transactional services. If cloud-based software is utilised, this can allow increased collaboration and informed decisions through the benefit of additional analytics. It’s important that your technology doesn’t fall behind the curve however, as the study reveals that only 20% of organisations deploy mobile HR solutions. This can cause frustration for those who cannot access HR services via such an intuitive method, and reduce their uptake.


In the modern workplace, there is an ever-increasing chance that your workforce will consist of a mix of full-time staff, part time staff, temporary workers and contractors. The study makes the point that it’s still just as worthwhile promoting a positive employee experience to all components of your workforce, since they could become permanent staff, or work for the company again, at a later date.

Boost Employee Experience with Time & Attendance Solutions

Several factors are discussed which are intrinsic to the employee experience. Communication is vital, whether through mentoring sessions, team socials, company emails or pulse surveys. It’s also important that when business objectives are met, these achievements are broadcast to the whole workforce. Sufficient communications channels need to exist for this to happen.


Continuing Personal Development (CPD) has a part to play in creating a positive workplace, which benefits both the individual employee and the company as a whole. The importance of staff wellbeing is also highlighted, with 80% of HR professionals saying it was a priority for their department. Half the workers surveyed admitting knowing someone who has given up their job due to stress.


Bodet’s Time & Attendance Solutions use the very latest technology, reducing administration for your HR department, allowing it to be more than just a provider of transactional services. They also provide additional communications capabilities and supporting wellbeing and CPD, all benefitting the employee experience within your organisation through innovations such as the Kelio Visio X7 Smart Terminal. Cloud-Based Software is available, as well as Mobile Clocking In Solutions for accessibility and remote working.


If you’d like a free demonstration to see how our Time & Attendance Systems can be tailored to increase the positive employee experience in your organisation, please contact us.


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