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Biometric Bodet: Online Wholefood Company Goes Biometric

Buy Whole Foods Online

Bodet is pleased to welcome Buy Whole Foods Online as the latest customer to choose its Biometric Time & Attendance Systems

Buy Whole Foods Online have chosen the Kelio Visio Clocking In Terminals with dual Biometric and Proximity Readers as part of their Time & Attendance Solution.

The Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range represents the very latest evolution in Time & Attendance Terminals. With a modern stylish aesthetic and intuitive touchscreen interface with a customisable range of on-screen applications, they offer far more than just clocking in. Options can include messaging and communications capabilities, the ability for staff to monitor their own hours and make leave requests, and a company survey function. This range of features form a Time & Attendance System which benefits your workforce just as much as your HR department.

Please contact us if you would like more information on our Kelio Visio Smart Terminal range.

Online Wholefood Company Goes Biometric

Buy Whole Foods Online, a family-run, online whole foods company business has just installed the very latest biometric, interactive time and attendance system to provide accurate and reliable staff attendance data and reduce administration for HR and payroll staff.

Founded in 2007 and initially operating from shed in the back garden, the company grew dramatically, experiencing 50% year-on-year growth, and expanding quickly from the shed into a mini warehouse. Continued growth ensued and the company moved into larger commercial premises in 2011, and again in 2016. It now employs 46 staff. Firmly established as one of the leading online shops for whole foods, health foods and superfoods, Buy Whole Foods Online operates both directly and via an Amazon shop front with customers throughout the UK and Europe.Kelio Visio X4 Smart Terminal

Production & Packaging Manager, Ashley Woodall commented, “One of the problems with a successful, rapidly growing business like ours is ensuring that management systems keep pace with the growing workforce. Each department here recorded attendance using basic timesheets which had to be completed manually. These were collated by department heads onto spreadsheets which were then sent to accounts for the payroll. This was very time consuming, of limited accuracy and took little account of time taken for work breaks, so we felt it was time to automate the process.”

Buy Whole Foods Online approached Bodet which installed their latest interactive, biometric X4 clocking in terminals with supporting self-service software which included Absence Request and Personal Result modules. When staff start or end their shift, they simply place their finger onto the scanner which captures a fingerprint, eliminating the need for staff to complete time sheets. The terminal then compares the print against a stored profile to identify the employee, and time stamps the record. This is stored on the master database in real time which means managers can see directly from their PC if any staff are absent or late.

The software also generates either standard or customisable staff attendance reports for HR, management staff and payroll. There is also a safety issue with the system as it provides an accurate record of who is on site should an emergency situation arise.

“We decided on the X4 system because staff clocking in and out using the fingerprint sensor avoids the issue of fobs or cards being passed around, and ensures the attendance data is irrefutable,” added Woodall. “The integral touchscreen also allows staff to request holidays and access their own personal attendance records directly from the terminal.”

Download the complete press release here.

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