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Timebox - New Bodet Timebox Clocking In Terminal

Timebox Clocking Terminal

Bodet introduces a new versatile, cost effective time management system for small businesses

Bodet is pleased to announce a press release for the new Timebox, an all-in-one touchscreen clocking terminal for companies with up to 100 employees.

Timebox is a comprehensive Time Management Solution, allowing automatic monitoring of clockings and information on working time, with options for both proximity and dual proximity and biometric readers.

Please contact us if you would like further information on our Timebox System and how we can  tailor our Time & Attendance Solutions for the specific needs of your organisation.

Bodet introduces a new versatile, cost effective time management system for small businesses

International workforce management specialists Bodet have developed the new Timebox, a sophisticated yet cost effective time and attendance monitoring system specifically designed for organisations of up to 100 employees.

Timebox Time Management SolutionWith the new Timebox, employees can clock in and out using a proximity badge, keyfob or a biometric fingerprint detector. As each employee clocks in or out, the associated timings are stored on a database. Automating the clocking procedure not only saves time for employees, but also prevents the abuse that often occurs with paper-based time sheets.

The data can be retrieved using a portable USB drive, or sent directly to the central server through an existing wired network or via Wi-Fi. The intuitive plug and play software generates attendance reports so payroll staff don’t have to re-enter data. These time and attendance reports can be exported as Excel files, meaning manual entry errors are avoided.

The software generates reports so that current and historic attendance information can be accessed at the press of a button. This provides management teams with accurate data which can be used for future planning and improving performance management. The networked or Wi-Fi options allow attendance reports to be accessed in real time.  Supervisors can immediately identify any absences and arrange additional cover if needed to maintain productivity or compliance levels.

The clocking terminal incorporates a 4.3” touch-sensitive screen which presents an intuitive display panel. On-screen applications allow terminal users to consult their last four clockings, open an approved internet website and read a document. Staff can access these functions as they clock in or out, or at any other time during the working day.

Bodet’s managing director, Richard Manby said, “The new Timebox is a comprehensive time management system which has been specially designed for companies with up to 100 employees across a wide range of industries including manufacturing, transport, care homes, call centres and customer service centres. Automating clocking in saves time for staff while ensuring accuracy and efficiency for the organisation as a whole. For customers who require additional time and attendance, access control and visitor management functionality, Bodet has developed its Kelio solution.”

Download the complete press release here.

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